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Kitchen upgrades: E...
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Kitchen upgrades: Elica Nikolatesla vented hob & Quooker Tap

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Last year, we interviewed Jacqui who is behind the Instgram account 'Homegininteriors' about her home renovation project, and one of her favourite rooms was the kitchen. 

She explains some of her favourite aspects of the kitchen:

“I would definitely suggest having a good think about things you use/make life easier. Like the Quooker Tap, when we had a new baby it was a dream to sterilize things but also a dream to get instant boiling water to cook a quick pasta dinner!”

“The other item that I love is our Elica Nikolatesla vented hob. Just before I left my kitchen design job to have our first child, these hobs were being talked about and they’ve really expanded in the market now.”

"Since we installed the Elica Nikolatesla vented hob, the smell of food doesn’t linger round the house but instead it is vented straight down the extractor built into the hob."


Have you tried either of these in your kitchen?

Read the full article here: https://styleyoursanctuary.com/2022/03/24/home-transformation-tips-by-jacqui/

Follow Jacqui on Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/homeandginteriors/



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