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10 Modern Design Ideas with Brick slips

Brick Slip Installations share modern brick cladding ideas for your home…

The increasing popularity of brick-clad walls is due to their edgy appearance and daring accents. This design trend adds a rough aspect to your interiors and raises them several notches. Industrial design styles characterized by a damaged finish, recycled objects, and exposed structures typically feature these walls. When meticulously constructed, brick-clad walls can also complement other design aesthetics. They lend dimension and personality to contemporary homes of any interior design style.

Here are the top 10 modern design ideas with brick slips. Let’s check it out.

Are you looking for rustic and elegant design ideas for your home? Choose brick slip installation as the perfect design idea.

1. Minimal white cladding tiles

Whitewashed walls are no longer utilized. This white-clad wall is ideal for the focal wall in your living area. It matches the rich brown of the furnishings & adds to the area’s overall luminosity. This design is effective and helps maintain a tidy and uncluttered appearance in the entryway.

2. Red Brick Wall Cladding Tiles

Oxidized flooring infuses your home with a sense of nostalgia. The majority of households have an emotional connection to this style due to its old-world appeal. It immediately takes us back to our youth by evoking memories of our grandparents’ house.

3. Classic brick wall cladding tiles

Regarding the design of inside stone wall cladding, brick walls are preferred. The wall behind the television is an appropriate location for brick-cladding tiles in smaller apartments. The addition of colour and texture by the brick slips makes the wall design virtually complete.

4. 3D Stone Cladding Tiles Design

You can install 3D stone wall tile designs to add elegance to your property. These tiles are suitable for exterior walls, kitchens, and rooms. If you are employing it in a room, apply it on one wall & paint the other walls with vibrant hues.

5. Chic ceramic cladding tiles

Using ceramic brick tiles on the walls is the simplest way to give your house a simple yet striking style. Utilizing ceramic brick tiles for wall claddings in an urban apartment or modern bungalow is a wonderful way to enhance the overall aesthetic.

6. Geometric cladding tiles

If geometric patterns attract you, geometric wall-cladding tiles are a wonderful investment. This external cladding tile decoration works wonders for the aesthetic of your home. These can be utilized for the balcony’s statement wall.

7. Terracotta cladding tiles

Open terracotta wall tiles are used on low-cost structures and are aesthetically pleasing. These walls do not require additional embellishment and give a timeless design that won’t go out of trend. To achieve the same appearance, you can add additional wall-cladding tiles. You may even intentionally utilize broken and mismatched tiles to get a vintage-chic appearance.

8. Old Brick Texture Cladding Tiles

A home may be easily given a vintage look by selecting the appropriate furnishings and accessories to go along with the look. Consider installing a textured brick cladding tile pattern to create a more antique and weathered appearance for your home’s exterior.

9. Gypsum And Brick Cladding Walls

When it comes to the design of residential interiors, the mix of brick cladding and grey gypsum creates a truly one-of-a-kind look. The choice of grey in the design lends a sense of sophistication, while the walls covered in brick lend it a more robust appearance.

10. Hexagonal Cladding Tiles Design

Regarding tiles, the hexagonal shape is the most common option. Consider installing cladding tiles in a hexagonal pattern to give your kitchen an up-to-date style.

In addition to being the ten most popular cladding tile designs, these designs complement every style and size of the property. Choose the most suitable exterior or interior brick slip installation designs for your property from the provided options.

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