Everything You Need to Know About Creating a Luxury Beauty Space in Any Sized Room  

Every house is unique, and it is safe to say that bedrooms and dressing rooms come in all shapes and sizes. This is the beauty of interior design, creating a functional and aesthetically pleasing space, a space that works for you and reflects your style.  

modern dressing tables with mirrors

A designated beauty space or dressing room is essential in ensuring that you have a relaxing routine and that you always feel your best self, whether it’s the morning beauty routine or nighttime skin care. A place that is dedicated to focusing on yourself is important and we can all agree that everyone deserves a little bit of luxury! 

No matter what space you have I’m here to show you how you can create that luxury beauty space in any sized room.  

  1. Organise and Declutter 

First things first have a clear out, declutter and organise your items. This will help you figure out what kind of storage space you need and help you get a clear view of the space you have available.  

Decide where you want your beauty set up to be, planning the layout is important to get the most out of your space. Consider the flow of the room and your daily routine. What do you need when you’re getting ready in the mornings? If you are utilising space in your bedroom, try a corner of the room or somewhere with a bit of privacy to ensure your morning routine is stress-free.  

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LED mirror dressing table
Carme Home LED Mirror Dresser
  1. Consider Colours and Textures  

Colours play an important role in how the size of a room appears. While you may be inclined to follow the trends and paint all your walls the colour of the year, I recommend that you consider the size of your room when making those colour choices.  

Lighter colours tend to make a space appear larger and reflect natural light, while darker colours make a room appear more closed and smaller.  You may want to opt for a darker colour in a smaller space to create a cosy feel. Stay on trend by using on trend, or seasonal colours to accessorise. Colours can be utilised in changing how the room appears, for example, painting one wall and ceiling with the same darker colours can make a space appear wider.  

Textures have an important role in how a room appears, they can draw attention to the eye, which is known as visual weight. You can also use textures to create balance in a room, mixing two to three textures to add depth and contrast to a room while creating that luxury aesthetic.  

Velvet dressing tables are a great way to add texture to your beauty space, the mixed materials add balance and visual appeal to your space.  

glamorous velvet dresser with mirror for bedroom
Cream Velvet dresser by Carme Home
  1. Space and Lighting 

Lighting can change the perception of a room. it’s recommended to use any natural light available, but as this isn’t always consistent, it is important to use artificial lighting in a beauty space for even consistent lighting.   

We can all agree that a mirror is essential in a dressing room or the beauty space. A mirror with an LED light strip or surrounded by Hollywood light bulbs is a worthy investment in creating that luxury feel and transforming your makeup routine. The bonus is that you can get good-quality luxury mirrors to fit into any space! With the light framing the mirror you are guaranteed to get flattering even lighting for when you are applying makeup. 

A mirror can also make a space appear bigger, creating the illusion of space and bouncing light around the room, they’re also a great focal point in a room. 

mirror for makeup with a senor LED
LED Makeup Mirror with Lights by Carme Home
  1. Storage and Organisation  

Having the right amount of storage is essential for keeping your space tidy, and ultimately keeping the luxury feel of the room! For those small spaces, a jewellery cabinet is the perfect space-saving solution, complete with mirrors, lighting, and a space to organise all your jewellery pieces and beauty favourites without taking up too much room. Consider wall-mounted or tabletop options if you are short on space.  

White LED mirror with storage cabinet and organiser
White LED Mirror with Cabinet Storage by Carme Home
mirror with jewellery and makeup storage organiser
Inside the White LED Mirror with Cabinet Storage

A dressing table with the right amount of storage is essential, consider a dressing table with multiple storage drawers or with organisation trays to keep your pieces separate and easy to find.  Some dressing tables feature a glass tabletop ensuring you can easily access your go-to products.  

Grey dressing table with LED mirror
Grey Dressing Table with LED Mirror by Carme Home

If you have a bigger space, consider multiple pieces of furniture to make the best use of your space. A dressing table and jewellery cabinet combination are a perfect pairing when it comes to a dressing room. You’ll have space to store all your beauty products and jewellery pieces. Opting for a sleek white design of furniture will ensure they fit in seamlessly with your décor.  

white dressing table with drawers and LED mirror
White Dressing Table with LED Mirror by Carme Home
  1. Finishing Touches 

Those finishing touches are important for creating that luxury space, you want your dressing room or beauty space to fit in with your style and portray your personality. Style your dressing table with plants, your favourite perfumes, and candles for a relaxing atmosphere. Why not add some framed pictures for that extra personal touch.  

Comfort is key when you’re getting ready and many dressing tables also come complete with a matching stool. 

modern geometric design dressing table with LED mirror
Dresser with Touch Screen LED Mirror by Carme Home

It may seem hard to know where to start when you’re trying to transform your dressing room or beauty space you love stepping into but with these tips, you’re sure to create that luxury space.  

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