Best Blue Paint Colours To Make Your Bedroom Look Beautiful

Don’t feel blue about what shade to go for, we’ve got you covered…

Are you thinking about painting your bedroom blue, but you’re unsure where to start? It can be quite overwhelming looking through colour swatches, online inspiration and not to mention, the many paint brands to choose from.

Fear not, in this article, we share 5 blue paint colours, all of which vary in shade, to help you decide on what vibe, style and colours you can design your bedroom with.

Best Blue Paint Colours For Your Bedroom – Scroll for 5 Ideas

1. Dulux Steel Symphony

Dulux Steel Symphony (used in the mood board below) is a wonderful blue-grey colour for creating a moody bedroom space. You can style it minimally, or maximally, like we have done below using eclectic styling. Mix and match patterns and textures, from jungle prints, to bubble effect accessories, and bold decor finishes to create a visually appealing space.

dulux steel synmphony - best blue bedroom colours

Shop the mood board: Jungle Print Duvet Set on Amazon | Vienna Blue Bedside Table by Fabb Furniture | | Distressed Pink Rug | Purple Glass Table Lamp on Amazon | Dark Sage Green Curtains on Amazon | Purple Pendant Light on Amazon | Pastel Blue Bubble Candle on Amazon | Blue Glazed Plant Pot on Amazon

2. Little Greene Canton

If you love teal, then Little Greene Canton is a fab blue bedroom colour choice. It’s great for creating an eclectic or maximalist space and works well with wood, orange and brown tones, light blue and greys to keep this paint shade warm in the bedroom.

little greene canton blue paint - eclectic room styling

Shop the mood board: Mahogany bedframe | Dresser with black marble | Grey Fluffy Rug | Botanical wallpaper | Artificial plant in a weaved pot | Light blue pom pom cushions

3. Farrow & Ball Cook’s Blue

Farrow & Ball Cook’s Blue is a bright and deep blue, with a positive and wonderous tone for your bedroom. This blue can be lightened or darkened, depending on the mood you’re looking for. We have styled this blue bedroom colour with light rattan and wood furnishings, cozy rugs and some dark blue accents to add depth to the space.

best blue bedroom colours - light blue

Shop the mood board: Dark blue bedding | Cozy cream rug | Navy blue and wood top bedside table | Rattan pendant light | Neutral ceramic vase | Blue floral wall art posters

4. ECOS North Beach Blue

Ecos North Beach Blue is a cool and soft blue-green shade, perfect for coastal bedroom themes. We’ve styled this blue bedroom with light blue and warm grey colours, to make the space feel warm and cozy. While playing into the coastal theme with water-colour effect bedding, super soft rugs and the statement seagull print wallpaper for a bold look.

best blue bedroom colours - pastel blue

Shop the mood board: Abstract bedding | Seagull wallpaper | Grey shaggy rug | Bedside table | Curved footstool | Black pendant light fixture

5. Lick Cobalt Blue

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Lick Blue 111 Eggshell is a great bedroom colour for making a bold statement. We’ve matched this blue bedroom paint colour with equally bold decor, by introducing green and pink into the mix for a fun, yet warm style for a quirky bedroom.

best blue bedroom colours - eclectic and quirky style

Shop the mood board: Coral leopard print duvet | Green cactus lamp | Tropical print rug | Coral cabinet | Leopard wall art | Black pendant light | Gold eye mirror

What blue paint colour will you choose for your bedroom?

From bold cobalt blue, to beachy blue, there’s a shade for everyone! Whichever colour you decide to go for, considering the decor style and theme you want in your room will play a big part in which blue to choose.

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