Grey & Beige Bedroom Ideas to Create Calmness in Your Space

Greige is an interior colour trend that is perfect for creating a calm, neutral and aesthetically pleasing interior. Explore the trend in this article…

Grey and beige are tonal shades that work together well for a neutral and cozy bedroom ambience. With many shades of grey and beige to choose from, it can be daunting to figure out how to mix these two colours to create a harmonious space. 

One tip to consider is to keep the shades of grey and beige similar. Stick to light tones of grey and beige as an overall look, then incorporate white and dark grey or black into the palette in a subtle way to keep the space cohesive.

6 Beautiful Grey & Beige Bedroom Designs

1.Combine white with grey and beige for a bright space

grey and beige bedroom with white duvet
Bedroom by @alexisandraaustin

Make your room feel more spacious and airy by utilising white with a grey and beige scheme. You can use white on bedding, curtains and accessories to break up beige and grey. It will also make your space feel brighter and can glow up a gloomy corner.

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2. Light beige bedroom with soft white-grey

Light beige bedroom with soft white-grey

Bedroom by @_myhomeinspo_

Keep your main bedroom colour beige for a soft and cozy feel, then use light grey to compliment the beige hues so that the space feels light and airy. Just like this gorgeous bedroom above, which layers beige tones and enhances some darker shades on the bedding and artwork to create focal points. 

3. Grey and beige bedroom with subtle patterns

grey and beige bedroom cottage style

Bedroom by @home.with.lily

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Layering soft colours like grey and beige creates a cozy space for your bedroom, and the best place to start is your bedding. Choose warm grey or beige bedding against white sheets for a clean but cozy feel. Incorporating patterns through cushions can add visual interest to your space too, and sets the theme of the room, like this gorgeous bedroom above with floral patterns for a modern cottage aesthetic.

4. Infuse taupe into a grey bedroom for coziness

grey white and taupe bedroom

Bedroom by @our_cosy_yorkshire_home

Taupe leans into brown and grey on the colour wheel and can look like a beige colour. This cozy bedroom pictured above shows you how taupe (Archive by Farrow & Ball) can enhance a grey bedroom by using this shade to warm the walls. To keep taupe walls looking bright and airy, style with light grey furnishing and carpet.  

5. Grey, beige and white bedroom

white grey and beige bedroom with panelling

Bedroom by @scarlett_at_home

Grey, beige and white are great combinations for a neutral and soothing bedroom scheme. Furthermore, you can balance these colours out however you would like; whether it’s adding more white to the space through panelling like the design above. Then you can incorporate grey and beige into the space to contrast against the white to warm the space. 

6. Add a touch of luxury in a grey and beige bedroom with a marble bedside table

grey and white bedroom with marble bedside table

Bedroom by @liberty.interiors

If you’re looking for ways to add a touch of luxury in a grey or beige bedroom, add statement furniture pieces to your space, such as a marble bedside table. The marble texture and colours can enhance the grey and beige colour scheme in a subtle but impactful way. 

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