How To Style Farrow & Ball Elephant’s Breath Paint Colour

🩶Warm up your walls with this cozy shade of grey!

Are you searching for a warm grey colour for your living room, bedroom or hallway? Elephant’s Breath may just be the shade for you. With a hint of magenta, this warm grey paint colour can enhance your room. See the ideas below for inspiration.

Give your living room a cozy look

farrow and ball elephants breath in a living room with fireplace
📸 @theneutralfamilyhome

This warm grey shade works beautifully with wooden flooring and cream and brown furniture for a neutral but cozy space. This gorgeous living room design by Charlotte shows how you can style this paint shade with simple but elegant furniture for a luxurious finish. 

farrow and ball elephants breath alcove shelving in the living room
📸 @epremodelingdesign

When used with white, Elephant’s Breath is a fabulous neutral colour to add depth to an alcove shelving. Use it as your base colour to make the floating shelves pop out. We love this design where the cream, beige and white accessories create a cohesive look for the space. 

farrow and ball elephants breath paint colour
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Create a calming space in your bedroom

farrow and ball elephants breath panelling in bedroom
📸 @aberfordinteriors

If you’re stuck on what colour to paint your bedroom panelling, why not consider Elephant’s Breath? This soothing shade of grey goes well with white and other grey hues for a neutral bedroom look. 

farrow and ball elephants breath panelling
📸 @chloe_countryhomerenovation

Keep this paint colour calm and warm by infusing wood and rattan furniture in your bedroom, for a lovely country home aesthetic. When choosing wood furniture, ensure that the hues match for a cohesive style. 

farrow and ball elephants breath fitted wardrobe
📸 @customcarpentrysurrey

Fitted wardrobes are a statement piece for your bedroom, and choosing the right colour is crucial for the rest of your room’s design. If you seek a neutral shade that matches white, grey, cream and brown, look no further than Elephant’s Breath to give your room warmth. 

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fitted wardrobes in a bedroom painted in farrow and ball elephants breath
 📸 @yorkshire_spray_finishes

Elephant’s Breath works great against more vibrant colours and bold patterns. Check out this lovely bedroom, that’s currently a work in progress. Pairing this colour with purple and pink creates a bright space that elevates the hint of magenta in this paint colour. 

farrow and ball elephants breath in a bedroom
📸 @1930shouseonthehill

Decorate Elephant’s Breath with nature wall art for a botanical bedroom aesthetic. This is a subtle way to introduce other hues to your room as accent colours and to give your space some character.

farrow and ball elephants breath paint colour

Add warmth to your hallway or landing

farrow and ball elephants breath in a white hallway and landing
📸 @holdentoourhome

Give your landing a warm makeover using Elephant’s Breath. We love this design by Olivia, where the hallway is styled with fresh white walls which leads to the landing that has a warmer feel. 


Have you been inspired to use Farrow & Ball’s Elephant’s Breath paint colour in your home? Whether you’re thinking of using it in your living room to enhance alcove shelving or to bring warmth into a north-facing room. Or as a way to create a relaxing space in your bedroom, this warm grey shade is perfect for setting a cozy scene.

farrow and ball elephants breath paint colour
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