Decor Ideas To Create a Bohemian Patio

Best Boho Patio Ideas

By Leanne

­čîÁBeautiful ways to style your patio for a free-spirited style aesthetic!

Are you looking to add bohemian flair to your patio or garden? Let us help you find the best patio decor to create the look. From desert theme, to colourful, chic to modern – we have created 4 ways to style your patio, plus some extra decor ideas at the end of this article! 

4 bohemian patio ideas for you

Modern boho patio idea

Do you love the features of a bohemian patio, such as cozy string lights, patterns and wooden furnishings, but you don’t want to overdo it? This modern boho look is for you, with a nice mix of patterns and neutral colours.

modern bohemian patio decor idea
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Desert theme patio idea

If you’re after a more natural colour scheme for your patio, why not consider a desert theme? Keep it simple with a green and beige colour scheme for the desert theme to really shine through. Use ceramics, patterned rugs and rattan furniture to capture the essence of this theme.

desert theme bohemian patio idea

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Chic boho patio idea

A chic boho patio is all about minimal design, and while that might feel not so bohemian, it’s more about having a space to feel free-spirited. It’s all in the little details too. Use shaggy pillows and lanterns to capture a sophisticated boho aesthetic. Additionally, adding cozy elements like a firepit can make your patio feel like a holiday hideaway!

chic bohemian patio idea

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Colourful bohemian patio idea

In our last style idea, we’ve gone all out on colour and texture, which is more authentic to bohemian decor styles. With a lot of pattern, bold colours and little details like fairy lights.

colourful bohemian patio idea

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Furniture and decor for a bohemian patio aesthetic

Low-profile seating, hammocks, and egg chairs

bohemian patio seating ideas

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Furniture accessories

bohemian patio accessories ideas

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Plant decor

bohemian patio plant ideas

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bohemian patio pergolas and lights ideas

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Did you like these ideas?

There you have it, 4 ways to style a bohemian patio and decor options to help you make your outdoor space your sanctuary. We would love to know which style you like the most via Instagram.

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