How To Complement Your Landscape With a Fence

Border your garden with beautiful fence designs to enhance your outdoor space…

fence ideas to improve your garden - wood fence

Fences are not just a necessity; they can be impressive additions to enhance the overall visual presence of your home.

But you shouldn’t select a fence on a whim. It’s a home improvement project that takes thoughtful consideration. The following tips on how to complement your landscape with a fence will leave you with a clear vision for the next stage of your home’s outward appearance. 

Consider the different fencing materials 

You should begin by thinking about the different fencing materials and choosing the one that best suits your landscape. Here are some common options. 

Wooden fences

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wood garden fense ideas

When you think of a fence, you instantly picture the classic wooden material. Wooden fences are popular for their timeless charm and inviting ambiance.  

With a wide range of wood species to choose from, such as cedar, pine, and redwood, you can select the perfect hue and texture to harmonize with your landscape. Plus, the style is easily customizable, from the height to the horizontal or vertical slat arrangement.  

Vinyl fences

vinyl fense ideas for your garden

Vinyl fences offer a sleek, clean look. They offer a long lifespan and minimal maintenance requirements.  

Unlike wood, vinyl doesn’t fade, warp, rot, or sustain damage from insects. This practical option also comes in a variety of colors and styles to complement your home’s design and aesthetic.  

Additionally, vinyl fences can mimic the texture and appearance of wood for those who desire the look of timber without its upkeep. Environmentally conscious homeowners might also appreciate that many vinyl fences consist of recycled materials and are themselves recyclable. This adds a sustainability angle to their long list of benefits. 

Wrought-iron fences

iron fense ideas

Fence makers can fashion wrought-iron material into intricate patterns, from classic Victorian to modern geometric styles. As a result, wrought-iron fences can be statement pieces that are both functional and decorative. Their strength stands up well to harsh weather conditions. With a proper coating, they’ll resist rust and corrosion.  

While wrought-iron fences are often more costly upfront, their longevity and elegance strengthen property value. It’s a worthwhile investment that’ll make your landscape sparkle. 

Coordinate with colors 

The color of your fence shouldn’t be an afterthought. Strategically using contrasting colors will help your fence stand out beside the home’s architectural elegance.  

For a cohesive look, try matching the fence to your house’s color. An alternative is to select contrasting colors you can use to great effect. Dark fences complement light-colored homes, for instance. You can also accessorize with lush greenery pops against lighter fences. 

Pay attention to interior and exterior decoration 

Once the right fence is finally in place, you can start planning more stylish ways to upgrade your fence! However, you’ll want to establish a meticulous approach that benefits both the backyard and the curb appeal. 

Decorating the interior side of your fence turns it into a backdrop for the outdoor living area. Hang planters, string lights, or outdoor artwork that enhances the privacy and aesthetic of your retreat. 

Consider decorating the exterior by including landscaping that flanks the fence line and lighting that showcases the stunning fence in the dark of night. These subtle changes will strengthen your curb appeal and present a cohesive appearance. 

Taking these tips into account will guide you to select a fence that complements the home’s landscape. Whether you choose a wooden or wrought iron fence or decide to pick a light or dark shade, you’re on the right path to an exquisite exterior. 

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