The Best Hardwood Types To Build a Deck With

This article is written by Finest Brazilian Decking

A beautiful, sturdy deck can elevate the appearance and functionality of your outdoor living space, but choosing the right wood is essential for making your dream deck a reality. With so many options available, it can become an overwhelming task to decide which hardwood is the perfect choice for your decking project. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top hardwood types for building a deck. Explore each option’s benefits so you can make an informed decision when it’s time to start building. 

Ipe decking

Ipe hardwood decking for your backyard

Ipe is one of the most popular and durable hardwoods available for decking. Native to Central and South America, this hardwood stands out for its incredible density, strength, and unmatched resistance to insects, rot, and decay. Ipe’s ability to withstand years of exposure to harsh weather conditions makes it an ideal choice for homeowners who want to invest in a lasting structure. Plus, its stunning reddish-brown hue makes for an elegant and visually appealing deck. 

Tigerwood decking

brazilian decking

If you’re looking to make a statement with your deck, Tigerwood is the way to go. Known for its bold, striking grain patterns and reddish-brown color, this exotic hardwood is sure to leave a lasting impression. Aside from its good looks, Tigerwood also offers excellent durability and resistance to damage, with natural oils that protect against rot and decay. Its moderate price range also makes it a more wallet-friendly option, offering striking beauty and durability without breaking the bank. 

Cumaru decking 

Cumaru, sometimes referred to as Brazilian Teak, is one of the best hardwood types to build a deck with. It shares many similarities with Ipe, such as robust strength, resistance to harsh weather conditions, and a rich, warm color palette. However, what sets Cumaru apart is its more budget-friendly price tag. This makes it an ideal choice for homeowners who want the benefits of premium hardwood decking without the premium price tag. Just make sure you know how to properly work with Cumaru to ensure that you make the most of these quality materials. 

Garapa decking 

For those who prefer lighter-colored decks, Garapa might be the perfect choice. Also known as Brazilian Ash, this hardwood offers a beautiful golden tone that gradually ages to a silvery patina. Besides its stunning appearance, Garapa is also a highly resilient wood, naturally resisting decay, insects, and other potential threats. This low-maintenance, long-lasting hardwood option can bring timeless charm and dependable performance to your outdoor space. 

Massaranduba decking 

If you’re looking for a lesser-known but equally impressive hardwood, consider Massaranduba. It boasts a rich, deep red hue that’s sure to make your deck stand out from the rest. With exceptional durability and resistance to rot and insects, Massaranduba’s performance rivals even the most famous hardwood decking options, making it an excellent choice for those wanting a unique, high-performance deck. 

Now that you know more about the best hardwood types for building a deck, you can take the next step and choose the option that suits your needs. All the above species are incredibly strong, ensuring that you will enjoy a quality, long-lasting deck. They’re also very attractive, with varying hues to pick from depending on your preferences. By opting for one of these hardwood types, you’re guaranteed to get the results you want with your new deck. 

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