Interior Design Ideas Using Dulux Nutmeg White

dulux nutmeg white ideas

By Leanne

🤍Get your neutrals warmed up with this cozy white shade…

Are you considering painting your walls using Dulux Nutmeg White? If so, you’ve come to the right place! We share what Dulux Nutmeg White looks like in the bedroom, kitchen, hallway, living room and office to inspire your next decorating project! 

What’s in this article about Dulux Nutmeg White?

Bedroom Ideas

Add depth to a white bedroom with panelling in Nutmeg White

dulux nutmeg white bedroom

Dulux Colour Style Idea:

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Use Nutmeg White against brilliant white, which gives a subtle contrast to your space. You can do this with panelling like Bethany has done here. It’s a lovely colour to warm up white walls so that your space feels cozy whilst being primarily white.

Use on all your walls to make white furniture stand out

dulux nutmeg white bedroom

Dulux Colour Style Idea:

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This paint colour can easily be used on all the walls in your bedroom as it’s a neutral white. It’s also perfect for making white furniture stand out, like Aisha has shown in the design above where the radiator and wardrobe pop against the warm Nutmeg White walls. 

Kitchen Ideas

Give your kitchen a warm neutral makeover

dulux nutmeg white kitchen

Dulux Colour Style Idea:

Nutmeg White is a warm colour, which can give your kitchen the right level of white against your cupboards to feel fresh but cozy. The design above shows this perfectly, by combining this paint colour with warm wood cupboards for a natural kitchen aesthetic. We also love the mix of wood and white cabinets, which breaks up the colour scheme well.

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Hallway Ideas

Create a welcoming entrance with warm neutrals

dulux nutmeg white hallway with gallery wall and wall panelling
📸 @life_at_number53

Dulux Colour Style Idea:

Combine Nutmeg White and Gentle Fawn in your hallway, just like this design above for a calming and neutral hallway. These colours are similar, but have different tones to make them work well for a subtle contrast. We love how this hallway is broken up with wall panelling for a modern and fresh look to give the walls that added character. If you’re thinking of introducing a colour with Nutmeg White, consider Potters Pink from Dulux’s Heritage range, for a soft warm pink that will still be subtle.

dulux nutmeg white hallway entrance

Dulux Colour Style Idea:

If you want to decorate your hallway white, consider Nutmeg White as it is a warm neutral shade of white that can give you that fresh look while feeling warmer than a brilliant white. This gorgeous colour is perfect for a minimal home and can be styled with warm wood for a homely entrance. 

Panel up your stairs to add character

dulux nutmeg white hallway and stairs

Dulux Colour Style Idea:

Break up Nutmeg White in your hallway and stairs by combining it with panelling to add contrast. This paint colour works well against white as it makes the space feel warm while still making your space feel neutral. 

Office Ideas

Make your office relaxing with this colour 

dulux nutmeg white office panelling

Dulux Colour Style Idea:

Nutmeg White is a great canvas colour for a home office as it is a good balance of white meets cream. It’s also great with additional light features like wall sconces and pendant lighting to create a relaxing environment to do your work. We love this WFH office above with panelled walls to give the space character in a minimal way that doesn’t overcrowd the room. 

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