6 Cheap Kitchen Floor Ideas to Try If You’re on a Budget

Spruce up your kitchen floor with these budget-friendly options…

Kitchens are rarely done on the cheap but there are some ways in which you can cut the costs down while still maximising style and comfort. We’ve gathered our best cheap kitchen flooring options to help you save your pennies on your next renovation, with style ideas from professional homeowners. 

Budget friendly kitchen floor options:

Scroll down to reveal the best design ideas using budget-friendly kitchen flooring. 

Laminate kitchen flooring

Beautiful laminate flooring for a modern kitchen. Image by Bestlaminate

Get the look: Quick-Step NatureTEK Select Reclaime Malted Tawny Oak By Best Laminate

For a classic kitchen floor look why not consider laminate flooring? It’s great at being long-lasting and is also waterproof, which is essential in the kitchen for everyday usage. This gorgeous floor is reclaimed malted tawny oak and gives a sense of chic style which is ideal for a light-coloured kitchen to give the look and feel of a coastal kitchen. 

How much does it cost to have laminate flooring in your kitchen?

We break down how much laminate flooring could cost, based on the typical kitchen size of 14 sqm based on stats from Victoria Plum.

Cheap Laminate Kitchen Floor Options

Laminate floor pricing guide:

Flooring typeTypical cost for an average kitchen (based on 14 sqm)
1. Caramel Oak Chevron Laminate Flooring£608.93
2. Victoria Oak Laminate Flooring£349.93
3. Atlantic Orchid Oak Laminate Flooring£265.93
4. Atlantic Weathered Volcano Oak Laminate Flooring£265.93

Engineered wood flooring

Releastic wood effect flooring using engineered wood by Lehomelehouse on Instagram

If you love the look of real wood flooring but can’t afford to have it in your kitchen, try engineered wood flooring which is made from layers of timber to give a realistic look and is much more affordable. 

We love this engineered wood flooring in this modern family kitchen which has been laid for 5 years and shows minimal signs of needing to be redone. Furthermore, we love the classic elements of this kitchen design which makes this space timeless and Sophisticated with a minimal colour palette for a clean look.

Porcelain tiles

Elegant kitchen design by Newbuildagain on Instagram using porcelain tiles for a luxurious finish

Get the look: Sandstone tiles from Tiles Mania

homebase lawn mower offer

The look and feel of stone flooring is sophisticated and luxurious, however, if you are looking for an affordable alternative why not consider porcelain tiles that can give a similar look at a fraction of the price. 

We love this new build kitchen design that has had a few upgrades, including porcelain flooring for a luxurious finish. Furthermore, porcelain tiles are a better option when compared with ceramic as it’s more durable and waterproof. 

Luxury vinyl flooring (LVT)

Real wood effect using LVT for a budget-friendly floor that looks elegant and natural for a farmhouse-style kitchen. Image by The_interior_lens on Instagram

Get the look: Karndean LVT flooring in warmed brushed oak

For a real wooden floor look, consider luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) for your next kitchen project. It will give you the look and feel of a real wood floor without the hefty price tag. 

We love this farmhouse-style kitchen that uses luxury vinyl flooring to give the space a natural finish that complements the cupboards and shelving so beautifully.

Vinyl flooring types for your kitchen

cheap luxury vinyl Kitchen Floor

Best Vinyl flooring styles for your kitchen:

  1. Terrazzo Vinyl Flooring – Great for adding subtle texture to a neutral kitchen space and a subtle way to introduce splashes of color too.
  2. Concrete Effect Vinyl Flooring – Great for adding a natural effect to your kitchen. Works well with dark and light color schemes. Can brighten up dark-colored kitchen cabinets to add a fresh touch.
  3. Granite Marble Effect Vinyl Flooring– Great for adding a touch of luxury to your kitchen. Choose granite marble effect over glossy marble for a natural-looking finish.
  4. Pattern Vinyl Flooring – Great for adding visual interest to your kitchen and perfect for eclectic and maximalist styles. Repeated patterns can also make your kitchen appear bigger as it gives an illusion of more space.

Parquet LVT flooring

Cozy and classic kitchen style using LVT parquet flooring by Houseonthecorner_16 on Instagram

Add a cozy look to your kitchen with classic parquet flooring using luxury vinyl tiles to save on the pennies but large on the style. Not only are LVT flooring budget-friendly, the options are cast which means you can find plenty of designs to meet your interior needs. This beautiful textured LVT parquet flooring is the perfect example of how to give a kitchen a statement look with a classic twist for a timeless style that will be trendy for many years to come. 

Combine laminate and ceramic flooring

Chic kitchen style using pattern ceramic tiles and laminate flooring together. Image by Maria_h.o.m.e on Instagram

Get the look: dual green chic collection ceramic tiles by Helen Cold

Break up a kitchen diner with ceramic and laminate flooring for a statement look, just like this chic kitchen design with a neutral colour palette. It’s also a great way to save on costs if you want ceramic tiles but can’t afford to do your full square footage. 

When using multiple flooring in the kitchen, decide where you want to break up the kitchen. Take note of this design that uses patterned ceramic flooring in the main kitchen area to bring in texture and light to open up the space, and the dining area with laminate flooring for a minimal look. 

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