What colours go with Grey Walls?

Mix these colours with your favourite shade of grey…


Grey is an ideal tone of colour as it praises numerous inside styles and patterns. It is additionally adaptable to mixing up with other varieties of shades. This colour shows flexibility upon mixing with other shades, but then also it is vital to consider hints while matching it with other shades.

Cool grey colours are best matched with a variety of colours, like blue, green, and light purple, while warm greys supplement reds, oranges, and yellows.

If you are fond of a monochrome look then consider pairing this colour with black or white. This will accentuate the look of your house without being too overwhelming to the eyes.

This guide will list out several colours suggested by top designers that would bring out the best in pairing with grey in your home.

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1. Grey and black

Relaxing lounge area with dark grey walls and black accents by Thegarthhome on Instagram

As discussed earlier monochrome colours can also uplift the visual interest of your house. You can consider mixing these two with other light colours to create a warm tone on the walls. As both grey and black are light colours themselves they may compel you to doubt their combination. 

However, pairing them the right way would create a pleasing moody tone in the house. Likewise, you can experiment with darker shades of grey in combination with black. Their combination will result in the presentation of a bold monochrome while enhancing the gorgeous overview of the space. You can further showcase your creativity by creating multiple dimensions with the addition of pops.

2. Pink and grey

Pink and gold geometric accent wall idea by Pauls.and.lees.home on Instagram

This combination may sound oddly satisfying in your mind. When it comes to painting the walls blush pink is the right shade to combine with grey. Their authentic combination would make you and your family members feel more inviting in the house. However, to set the tone right blush pink is the only desirable shade among other varieties of pink. 

Colour experts often recommend mixing the shade Antoinette which is an earthly tone of pink with the French linen which is a complex shade of grey. Together they bring out a warm tone and earthiness. These kinds of combinations maintain serenity and a welcoming vibe in the house.

3. White and grey

Modern and sophisticated living room with statement fire, image by Home_at_ivy_corner on Instagram

The subtle combination of crisp white shade with a barely-there shade of grey would create a moody tone in your living space. Alternatively, you can consider pairing charcoal shade with airy white that would further enhance depth in the white space. On opting for either of the combinations and the way of styling you can achieve either a dreamy or relaxed look or a tailored look. 

The main aim is to highlight an equal proportion of both the colours grey and white. You can choose among various textures like marble, chunky waves and rough timber to highlight both shades individually. However, you need to choose suitable shades of grey and white as not all their shades will work out upon mixing. Warmer shades of white are more likely to show compatibility on mixing with warmer tones of grey. Likewise the cooler shades of white pair well with cooler shades of grey.

4. Sage green and grey

Showstopping stair runner for an elegant green and grey hallway. Image by Restore_n_adore on Instagram

This combination is particularly evidenced in kitchen walls and hallways, and has gained popularity over years. On pairing with white the muted shade of green tends to appear neutral with a calming soft tone that sets the right mood for your home’s walls. For a contemporary look consider pairing cool shades of light green with pale shades of grey.

Complement this combination by adding a hint of dark wood or shades of black. The introduction of soft colour pastels in contrast with the grey colour would yield a feeling of freshness and sophistication in the walls. You can also experiment with muted shades of grey and green for a calming tone.

5. Orange and grey

Photo by Rachel Claire on Pexels.com

When it comes to pairing shades of grey with orange you don’t have to restrict yourself to particular shades, unlike other colours. Colours ranging from vibrant orange to other varieties of shades let you set the tone to be as subtle and bold as you desire. If you are fond of rustic outlook then consider pairing a mid-grey shade with a shade of burnt orange, this combination will perfectly sit in your bedroom. However, for a more modern look consider pairing a bright tangerine hue with a charcoal grey shade. 

6. Navy blue and grey

Add depth to a navy wall with half panelling to make grey your bed pop. Image by Home_by_haylie via Instagram

 Navy blue works effortlessly with shades of grey. To add some drama to your living space consider pairing black grey with shades of navy blue. However for creating a warm tone pair the navy blue shade with light grey. The introduction of a muted shade of yellow wold is ideal to tone down the other cooler tones. Compliment the tone with the introduction of coffee tables and other accessories such as prints and rugs.

The bottom line

Grey is an authentic tone that elevates the mood of your living space. Whether you want to add some drama or keep it subtle in your living space it is necessary to understand the complexities of the grey colour. This will help you to choose the suitable accent colours that will bring the best out of grey. 

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