Wall panelling ideas

Panelling around the home is a popular interior trend that is affordable and can add big character to your home. 

At Style Your Sanctuary, we’ve compiled all the panelling ideas for your home, from the living room to the bedroom and the hallway! 

Furthermore, we’ve got guides on how to panel your walls and other ways to use MDF panels to style your home. 

Explore panelling ideas by room:

Living room panelling

Living room panelling country home

Add character to your living room with wall panelling ideas that include modern and period styles to complement your home. 

See all living room panelling ideas >>

Bathroom panelling

Bathroom panelling - panelling ideas

Looking to spruce up your bathroom? Adding customized panels to your bath is a great way to add instant style to your bathroom to make your tub stand out as a statement feature.

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Bedroom wall panelling

Bedroom wall panelling - panelling ideas

Bathroom panelling is becoming more popular to give your room’s walls depth and texture. Even in small bedrooms, wall panelling can make your room feel bigger and we’ve even got some ideas on how to maximise your space with shelf panelling. 

See bedroom panelling ideas >>

Hallway wall panelling

Hallway panelling ideas - panelling ideas

Give your hallway a grand entrance with panelling design that can add huge character to your hole

Without compromising on space. From half wall panels to under the stairs panelling, these ideas are clever and elegant to keep your home looking timeless throughout the years. 

See hallway wall panelling ideas >>

Home office panelling

Home office panelling - panelling ideas

As working from home is the new office, we’ve added a complete ideas section for transforming your home office (no matter how small or big) into a stylish place to get your work done thanks to the panelling trend. 

See home office panelling ideas >>

Browse half wall panelling ideas

Half wall panelling ideas - panelling ideas

Half wall panelling is a great technique to add contrast to your walls and to break up your colour scheme in a stylish way. Half panelling can be used in any room in the house and is most popular in living rooms, bathrooms and hallways. 

See half wall panelling ideas >>

More panelling inspiration:

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