4 clever ways to use MDF around the home

MDF (Medium-density fibreboard) is a great material to use around the home for all types of DIY projects.

As it is usually thicker than plywood, MDF can be a sturdy material to create storage solutions, panelling and furnishings for around the home. Furthermore, as well as being an affordable material, MDF is smooth and easy to paint on.

Read on to find out the best ways to use MDF around your home.

Bespoke tv unit and desk area using MDF

Bespoke tv unit with shelving and desk using my MDF by @rp.bespoke on Instagram

Create a statement look in your living room with a bespoke fitted tv unit with ample storage using MDF to create shaker-style doors for a modern look. 

Over at Penny Carpentry, they have designed this inclusive unit with a desk area that offers space for a tv. Furthermore, there is plenty of shelving and cupboard space that makes a show-stopping focal point in the room where books and accessories can be arranged to make the home your own. 

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Is MDF good for a tv unit?

MDF is an affordable way to create your very own tv unit. It’s also a great way to add shaker-style / panelled doors to your space without all the hard craftwork. Also, MDF is lightweight but also sturdy so it’s easy to work with when creating your own tv unit. 

MDF shaker panel wardrobe doors

MDF shaker panel wardrobe doors
Built in wardrobes with MDF shaker panel doors by Ktjhughes

Built in wardrobes can add character to your bedroom space, as they become part of the layout of your room. Using MDF you can instantly add a modern touch to your built in wardrobes using panel shaker styling cut out of the MDF. 

We love this design by Ktjhughes Carpentry that has built twin wardrobes with shaker style doors for a modern look. Furthermore, the panelling adds to the periodic character of the bedroom with the fireplace taking centre stage.

MDF Wainscoting around patio doors

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MDF Wainscoting around patio doors
MDF wainscot around patio doors by Dream_team_carpentry

Add the final details to the patio sliding doors in your home with wainscoting to bring in character and depth to a bare space. By bordering your windows, you will create a statement look that draws attention to your patio and the view beyond. In addition, MDF boards are super easy to work with once you know what design and shape you’re after as they can be painted on directly to whatever shade takes your fancy. 

Over at the Dream Team Carpentry, they have designed this gorgeous wainscot frame that borders the wide patio doors. Also, they have carried the design to the side walls with half panelling to keep the design following. 

Under stairs spandrel panelling

Utilising your stairs for storage is a great way to use up space on an area of the home that typically gets overlooked. Bring to life this space in your home with clever storage using MDF to carve out cabinet space and create a periodic finish with panelling detail. 

Under stairs spandrel panelling
Under the stairs spandrel panelling by Cartref_hapus

Love period panelling? Take an old style technique and add a modern twist to create panel shaker effect cupboards going across your stairs to maximise on space. We love this design that features hidden storage cupboards with statement panelling that adds depth and texture to the space. 

Under stairs spandrel panelling
Under stairs pull out drawers by Mcgarry_interiors

Another clever way to use MDF on your stairs is to have pull out drawers under your stairs. These drawers designed by McGarry Interiors Ltd make for great shoe racks and give so much storage for under the stairs.

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