8 Beautiful Bath Panels That Will Transform Your Space

Thinking of making a change to your bathroom? Swapping out your old bath panelling for a new one could be the trick you never thought you needed!

Our bath panel decorating ideas are here to help you pick out what styles will work best in your bathroom for the look you want to achieve.

Glossy tile bath panel decoration idea for a city-chic bathroom look

Glossy tile bath panel decoration idea for a city chic bathroom look
Glossy white tile bath panelling by Yesvilkcir

We love this monochrome bathroom design that blends wall tiling with the bath panelling that offsets the bold floor tiling. 

Give your bathroom a statement look with glossy white tiles for a luxurious finish. Additionally, give your bathroom a city vibe by using black grout, which will make your bath panels pop.

Fresh and fun white bathroom ideas

shop pattern tiles for bathrooms and kitchens

Graphic bath panel decoration idea for a statement look

patterned bath panelling
Graphic panelling for decorating your bath. Image by Dontbeapigeon2021

Bring your bathroom to life with a statement look by covering your bath panels with adhesive prints to match your home style and character. This bold print by get.kooky is fun and stylish that adds colour and patterns to a simple bathroom scheme.

Pattern bath panel and floor tiling decoration idea

Pattern bath panel and floor tiling decoration idea
Pattern bath panelling. Image by Hudstilingservices

Let your bath panelling take center stage for a show stopping look that oozes style and charisma. This gorgeous ceramic geometric style panelling that follows through to the flooring makes a dramatic look and gives life to a simple white tiled bathroom!

Best Bathroom flooring ideas to spruce up your space

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Wood Bath Panel Ideas

Wood effect bath panel and matching vanity

Wood effect bath panel decoration idea
Wood bath panel decoration by Our.olive tree.home

Matching your bath panels to your bathroom decor can really make the look and feel of your tub come together. We love this wood effect bath panel decorating idea that uses a simple white and beige colour scheme for a relaxing ambience that also brings in the feeling of nature. 

Dark grey wood bath panel idea

wooen bath panel grey
Wood grey bath panels from Victoria Plum

Dark grey bath panels add a touch of modern luxury, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your bathroom. Their versatile nature allows seamless integration with various design styles, creating a spa-like atmosphere while camouflaging daily wear and tear for a lasting appeal.

Dark blue slat bath panel idea

blue bath panels slat effect
Royal blue slat panelling for bathtub by Victoria Plum

Royal blue slat panels bring a regal touch to your bathtub, infusing the space with a sense of sophistication and refinement. The bold hue not only adds a vibrant pop of colour but also complements a range of design styles, creating a visually stunning focal point for your bathroom. Elevate your bathing experience with the timeless allure of royal blue slat panels.

Add texture with terrazzo bath decoration panels

Add texture with terrazzo bath decoration panels
Terrazzo bath decoration by Sophieadele_interiors

Looking for a quick DIY hack to transform your bath? Over at SophieAdele interiors, they show us how easy it is to add simple styling to your bathroom using vinyl. If you’ve got a mix and match colour scheme in your bathroom, such as different colours and shades, terrazzo effect panels can really make your space come together and harmonise the different colours.

Mosaic bath panel decoration

Mosaic bath panel decoration
Mosaic bath panels by The_stair_master

Add contrast to your white bathroom with patterned floor tiling and matching bath panels. Mosaic is a great pattern to use in a bathroom as it’s classic and timeless so once you’ve decorated your bath panelling, it will last for years to come.

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