How to make wall panelling look beautiful – Best panelling colour ideas

What type of paint is best for painting wall panelling?

There isn’t much prep when it comes to painting wall panelling. Before painting your MDF wall panelling you will need to add a primer. You can use any paint on your wall panelling, but emulsion paint is best to avoid when it comes to painting your wall panelling. 

Read on to see how the best paint colour ideas for wall panelling

Neutral panelling colour idea

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wall panelling colour ideas
Dining room panelling by Rnj_firsthome

Paint colour used: Basket of Bobbins by Valspar

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We love this gorgeous neutral panelling for a relaxing cottage style dining room. Matching your walls with your dining table and chairs is a great way to make your space feel seamless. 

Dark grey panelling colour idea

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wall panelling colour ideas - dark blue panelling
Cozy lounge with panelling by The_haddon_home

Paint colour used: Home Slate Grey by Next

Create an elegant focal point in your lounge with dark grey squared panels using Home Slate Grey by Next.  Not only is this panel colour classic, but it also makes the space feel super cozy. 

Cream panelling colour idea

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wall panelling colour ideas - cream wall panelling
Cream bedroom panelling by At_homewith_dd

Paint colour used: Slacked Little Deep by The Little Paint Company

For a delicate bedroom look, paint your panelling a soft cream colour such as Slacked Little Deep by The Little Greene Paint Company. Make your panelling a shade or two darker than your walls to add extra depth to the space.

Add pastels to compliment cream wall panelling for a soft touch of colour in your bedroom, like these super cute pom pom tassle pillowcases for a playful touch.

decor to go with wall panelling

Black panelling colour idea

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wall panelling colour ideas - black wall panelling
Elegant black wall panelled living room by Littlezebrahouse

Make a white room pop with black painted wall panels for an ultra sophisticated look. Match your walls with rich coloured fabrics like dark green velvet sofas and bold rugs to complete the look. 

Cream bathroom panel colour idea

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wall panelling colour ideas
Bathroom panelling ideas

Adding half wall panelling to a bathroom space can give your walls added character. Especially if you’ve got a bathtub that has plenty of open space around it. By adding wall panels you add instant depth and warmth to a space that was bare.

When it comes to painting a wall panelled bathroom, opt for light colours such as creams for a neutral and soft look to complement your tub.

Pink wall panelling colour idea

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wall panelling colour ideas - pink wall panelling
Soft pink bedroom panelling by Athomewiththeraines

Paint colour used: Sulking room pink by Farrow & Ball

For a delicate colour scheme in a bedroom, choose a soft pink such as Sulking room pink by Farrow & Ball which has been used here, to paint the wall panelling to add a pop of colour in a subtle way. Furthermore, pink is a romantic colour that will add a subtle ambience to a couples bedroom.

Green wall panelling colour idea

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wall panelling colour ideas - green wall panelling
Cozy and earthy bedroom panelling by The_berkshire_bungalow

Paint colour used: Sage by Dunelm

Be inspired by nature when painting your panelling by opting for green for an earthy look. This gorgeous bedroom uses Sage by Dunelm to create a cozy and inviting space with this dark grey-green paint shade

Add a fun touch to your bedroom panelling with a quirky accessory, such as a flamingo neon light!

neon flamingo light for the bedroom

Light green wall panelling colour idea

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wall panelling colour ideas - sage green wall panelling
Neutral and soft bedroom wall panelling aesthetic by Home_on_cranberrymeadows

For a soft bedroom look, opt for a pastel green colour for your wall panelling which works wonderfully against a cream wall. This will make your panelling pop with colour and becomes a focal point to your space. 

Incorporate lighting on panelling behind your bed for function and style. These vintage ball sconces are perfect for adding character to your walls and are great as reading lights by your bed to save on space rather than having table lamps.

sconces for wall panelling

Olive green wall panelling colour idea

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wall panelling colour ideas - olive green wall panelling
Fresh bedroom look with green panelling by Home.atnumber32

Paint colour used: Overtly Olive by Dulux

Add character to a small bedroom with half wall panelling behind your bed to add depth and character which also acts as a secondary headboard to your bed to bring your space together. We love this Overtly Olive paint colour by Dulux that is soft and calming to add some colour to a tiny room in an easy way.

Light grey wall panelling colour idea

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wall panelling colour ideas - grey wall panelling
Cozy grey stairs with panelling by My_cosy_pretty_home

Paint colour used: Turtle Dove Grey by Dulux Heritage

Create a comfy hallway space that flows through to the rest of your home with soft grey painted panels against bright white walls. We love this look and how simple and clean the design is using Turtle Dove Grey by Dulux Heritage, white and black for a neutral yet bold look.

Love these ideas? Find more panelling inspiration below!

how to install wall panelling in your bedroom - video guides

How to install wall panelling in your bedroom (video guides)

Thinking of panelling your bedroom yourself? Before you do, check out these 5 video ideas on how to install wall panelling in your bedroom.

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