How to install panelling in your bedroom (video guides)

Thinking of panelling your bedroom yourself? Before you do, check out these 5 video ideas on how to install wall panelling in your bedroom.

1. How to install bedroom panelling with a panelling kit 

Panelling kits are super handy if you are looking for an all-in-one solution to panel your bedroom wall. There are a lot of different panelling kits on the market to consider. If you’re looking for a simple panelling kit, why not try this shaker wall panelling kit by Roomix. You can customize your wall panelling kit by the tools you need and by width, height, and panel shapes. There’s even an option to choose paint colour too! 

To see how easy this panelling kit is to install in your bedroom, check out this DIY video by @anna_louisa_at_home on Intstagram which took just 2 hours to install and paint!

2. How to install bedroom slat panelling in your bedroom

  • Cut your slats to size (or get this done professionally at your local DIY hardware store)
  • Mark the spaces between each slat using a pencil on your wall (you can use the side of your slat to help with spacing – 2cm gap is what Vicky has used in the video below) 
  • Screw the slat holes to your wall to mark where they need to go (best option to see how it looks before painting)
  • Remove the slats once happy with the design
  • Prime the slats and paint your desired colour 
  • Screw back on, fill your holes and then sand 

Slat panelling is a beautiful design element for your bedroom as a feature wall. If you’re looking to achieve this for yourself, why not watch the below video from Vicky over at @the_robinsonfamily_abode as she shares with us her amazing bedroom transformation? 

3. How to install half-wall panelling in a bedroom using plywood

Half wall panelling is one of the most popular trends in the bedroom and is often used behind the bed as an extension of the headboard for a modern look. If you’re wondering how to install half wall panelling, watch the video below for a DIY hack by Rima at @homewithrima_ on Instagram. 

4. How to install beautiful white wall panelling in your bedroom using MDF

Looking to add a touch of sophistication to your bedroom while still keeping your space neutral? Els at @homeatno.2 shares her simple 8-step DIY tutorial on how to achieve panelling for a neutral space. 

Els’ 8-step guide on how to panel a wall using MDF:

1. Measure – measure the height and width of your space and work out how many strips of MDF you’d like. We used 9mm standard MDF which are 9cm wide and the gaps between are 38cm.⁣

2. Draw your design – pencil your design out on to your wall to use as a guide when attaching the MDF, you can use your cut MDF strips as a stencil.⁣

3. Glue – we used no more nails glue to attach the MDF to the walls, you may have to use nails if your walls aren’t straight. Use a spirit level to make sure the MDF strips are attached straight.⁣

4. Fill– use filler on all the joins of MDF to give a seamless finish.⁣

5. Caulk – use caulk to fill all around the edges of the MDF. Use a wet finger and run it down the edges to get a smooth finish.⁣

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6. Sand – sand down all the filler on the joins.⁣

7. Prime – prime the MDF with 2 coats of wood primer paint.⁣

8. Paint

⁣5. How to panel your bedroom with half panels and half wallpaper 

Panelling and wallpaper are great to combine. Wallpaper is perfect for adding lots of texture, pattern, and colour to the top half of your walls. While panelling the bottom part of your walls can add a striking contrast and break up the wall in a soft way. 

Melissa at @littleterracedhouse shares how she transformed her bedroom with panelling and wallpaper.

  • Start by wallpapering your wall (go lower than where you want the wallpaper to end)
  • Paint the bottom half of your wall
  • Get your cut-to-size MDF panels and glue them to the wall in the position and style desired
  • Add crown molding if preferred 
  • Seal the gaps between the MDF boards and the wall 
  • Paint

How will you Style Your Sanctuary? Find more ideas below!

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