How to make a new build feel homely

Adding personality to a new build home

New build homes are typically ready to go homes that are modern and decorated simply so that you can put your own stamp on it. There are so many ways in which to add your own character into your home, from upgrading existing features using paint, fabrics and furnishings to completely doing your own DIY projects for a unique look.

See below for ideas on making a new build homely.

1. Add colour to your walls

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Colourful new build by Letsgotopoppys

“I’ve used a lot of tester pots as it’s cost effective to add pops of colour to the room. I had a blank canvas so I could experiment and if it didn’t work I could simply cover it up.”


New builds are typically painted with white or cream and can look quite generic. A great way to make your new build home feel like yours is to add your own favourite colour palette across your walls. We love this unique painted wall with circle blocks that make the space pop! 

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2. Use show homes to get decor ideas

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Neutrally designed new build home by Yorkshirewarwick

“With ours being a new build, we went to different show homes for decor ideas. We also did lots of research on styles, what suited our lifestyle and what felt like home to us!”


If you’re unsure how to style a blank canvas, go to your nearest show home to get some ideas on what you like and what colours go well together. We love this green and grey bedroom design that looks minimalist and classic for a timeless look. 

3. Decorate your new build with decor and accessories for a personalised style

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Creative wall idea for a new build home by Leahsnewbuildjourney_

“I started by keeping the white walls but then adding lots of colour by using accessories such as mirrors, shelves, prints and plants! Before I started buying things I got lots of ideas from Pinterest and created a board of colour schemes I liked and went from there.”


Combining different furnishing and wall art that uses different shapes and textures will instantly give your new build home an edge. 

4. Create a space for family living and entertainment

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Modern open plan kitchen idea for a new build by Elibankhousebuild

“Take your time and enjoy it. It’s all about creating a space that makes you smile but most importantly works for you and your family every day.”


If your new build has an open plan kitchen, add characteristics to make your space unique to you. Ways to do this is by incorporating texture such as marble flooring, brick wall features and spotlights to make the space brighter.

5. DIY where you can to save money and make your home unique

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DIY bedroom idea by

“We’ve been able to redecorate the entire house for very little and this includes the garden. We both enjoy DIY so have done 99% of the work ourselves. I get a lot of my inspo from Pinterest, look at colours that are trending, don’t be afraid to be a little bold.”

Utilise your skills or learn new ones when it comes to making your new build feel like home. Painting your walls is an easy and quick way to add your own stamp on your new build home.

6. Update an existing fitted kitchen

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Two tone kitchen design by 1_farm_drive

Consider upgrading an existing fitted kitchen by incorporating two tone cupboards that will add contrast to your kitchen. This will make your home feel less like a ready to go house and more like a personalised space designed by you.

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7. Personalise a new build with your favourite furniture

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Luxurious and minimal living room idea by Homewithmollierose

Furnishings can make all the difference when styling a new build. If you love white walls and want to add a pop of colour, adding rich furnishings with a minimal colour palette can make a living room feel cozy and classy. 

8. Add natural elements to make a new build home feel warm

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Neutral and warm kitchen diner idea by Ourruralnest

“Introduce a mixture of natural materials, fabrics and textures such as wood, linen and marble to your spaces. These will help to create a feeling of warmth and interest.”


Incorporate neutral tones in a new build home to make your space feel warm and connected to nature. Simple adjustments like adding plants, textures and fabrics to an existing space can make all the difference.

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