How to organise a kitchen – Instant Organising Ideas

Organise your kitchen with our simple steps for a more clutter-free life…

What’s the best way to arrange and organise your kitchen?

All kitchens are different and require personal touches, however there are some ways that can help you be more organised along the way. From picking out dedicated prep spaces to labelling your pantry and maximising on storage with clever hacks. 

Continue reading to find out how real homeowners have arranged their kitchen to get the most out of the space. 

Use open shelving for extra storage space in your kitchen


Fun tea and coffee station using open shelving by 33interiorstyling on Instagram

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Open shelving is a great way to give your kitchen an extra place to store things. We love this tea and coffee corner that gives the kitchen a sense of fun and practicality with plenty of space to store what would be cupboard essentials into a barista style space. Furthermore, but utilising open shelving, you can instantly transform bare walls into something more homely and warm.


Beautiful kitchen using shelving and a trolly pantry to store kitchen accessories in a pretty way. Kitchen design by heyheyhaus on Instagram

Use shelving across your kitchen walls and trolly pantries when cupboard space is low. This will help you organise your kitchen so that you have plently of space to store your cookware and dinnerware, as well as extra utensils and kitchen accessories. Kitchen shelving is also great because you can see exactly what you have without opening cupboard doors, therefore decision making can be a lot easier!

Have a dedicated space for your spices and utensils

Stack your spices using a spice rack for organisation. Image by Homeonthefirstfloor on Instagram.

Create a space in your kitchen to help you stay organised before cooking a meal. Just like this spice rack and utensil section which is perfectly situated by the hob as a ready to use cooking station. Keeping a dedicated section for all your everyday tools and spices is a way to stay on top of prepping and also a great way to keep things tidy as you go along. 

Furthermore, we love how this setup features a tucked away recipe book behind the spice rack as a quick way to reach for your favourite recipe. 

Label items in your pantry 

Use storage containers and labelling systems to organise your kitchen. Image by Home_of_tiny_monsters on Instagram

Keeping your pantry in order and tidy is key to a well organised kitchen. After all, you don’t want to start cooking only to find that you haven’t got everything in your pantry you thought you had! It’s also handy for knowing when to stock up on your groceries too! 

We love this well organised pantry cupboard by Jacinta over at Home_of_tiny_monsters on Instagram, that has all dry ingredients clearly stacked and laid out which is easy to see. Labelling your containers is also beneficial to keep track on which ingredients you have, keeping them in alphabetical order will help with this also.  

Utilise your breakfast bar into a storage unit

Utilise your breakfast bar with storage to double up on your kitchen organisation. Image by on Instagram

Making the most out of your kitchen space is essential for organisation and keeping everything in its place. We love this multi functional breakfast bar by Paula over at

on Instagram, that uses extradining as a storage unit to keep additional things in the kitchen. Furthermore, having glass storage can also double up as a way to showcase style in your kitchen space too! 

Maximise on space with rails 

Hang your kitchen utensils using a rail for style and extra storage. Image by Asimplystylednest on Instagram

Get the most from your kitchen by utilising all spaces for a well organised space. Take inspiration from this gorgeous kitchen design by Lisa at Asimplystylednest on Instagram, where all spaces are used to make the space functional. Including a rail for hanging chopping boards, drainers and towens on the side of the kitchen island, which is super clever and also looks stylish. Furthermore, the rail can be used for many things such as hanging pots and pans too. 

Order your kitchen cupboards

Kitchen cupboard organisation to save on time and practicality when cooking. Image source by Thisdigitalmomshome on Instagram

Where you position items inyour cupboards has a huge impact on the practicality of your kitchen, therefore getting the order ofyour cupboards right is the best place to start when thinking about organizing your kitchen space. For example, look around your countertop space and think about where you will mostly be making breakfast, using the microwave and making tea. Then use the cupboards to fill your space with these ingredients and dinnerware so that they are ready available when you start cooking and plate up.

You can go one step further by storing your food in clear containers to make it easier to know where things are, just like this well-organised cupboard space by Tobi from Thisdigitalmomshome on Instagram.

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