Five simple hacks to improve the look of your home 

Improve your home with these 4 simple tips…

Whether you’re bored of your home’s current aesthetic or you’re looking to improve the value of your home before selling it now interest rates are coming down, improving the look of your home can be done in a few simple steps. 

These don’t have to cost the world to implement but can go a long way in enhancing the look of your home as well as its value. Continue reading our guide below to see what our simple hacks to give your home a boost in 2024.  

1. Start a home art gallery  

Creating a home art gallery can be a fulfilling endeavour, allowing you to showcase your favourite pieces, support local artists and enhance the ambience of your living space. If you have a young family, your children’s artwork is a great way to add personal and colourful touches to your home art gallery as well. 

living room wall gallery frames and art work
Art work prints by Oka

Whether you’re a seasoned art enthusiast or just beginning to explore the world of visual arts, setting up your home gallery can be a rewarding experience. 

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2. Add plants and greenery 

neutral plant pot for bedroom
Neutral planter on Amazon to style indoor plants in your room.

Plants radiate positive energy, and whether you opt for striking, sculptural specimens or dainty, leafy varieties, they effortlessly infuse vitality into your living space. There are countless options to choose from but if you’re worried about being a bad plant parent, try one of these varieties: 

  • Snake plant  
  • Chinese money plant  
  • Pothos  
  • Peace lily  

Adding these can also boost your mood with plants being known to offer mental health benefits while occupying your living area.  

3. Upgrade your Radiators

radiator covers
MDF radiator cover on Amazon with modern design.
square led mirror for bathroom touch screen

Something that can be missed is tired radiators, which can bring the whole feel of a room down. You might opt to camouflage your central heating by matching the radiator colour with the walls. Or, opt for a complete transformation with striking bold tones to turn them into standout design elements on their own.  

While you’re at it, why not make sure they work as well as they look? Pick up some plumbing tools and perform basic maintenance tasks on them to get the most out of them. This should improve their efficiency, helping you heat your home faster and save money on energy bills. 

4. Exterior finishing touches 

Don’t forget the finishing touches on the entrance of your home and garden. Cutting your grass, painting your door and cleaning your driveway are all easy ways to do this. 

dark grey front door with green wreath

This is particularly important if you’re in the process of selling your home as your entrance and garden will set the tone for the rest of your home. Therefore, you must wow them from the first moment they look at the property. 

Each of these methods is sure to make your home a happier one. Get started today and fall back in love with your property. 

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