6 quirky ideas to give your downstairs toilet the WOW factor!

The downstairs toilet is often a room that gets overlooked when it comes to styling. If you’re fed up of looking at a plain lavatory, then you’ve come to the right place! We’ve got some quirky and cool colour schemes, techniques and tips to help you spruce up your downstairs loo, which will soon become a conversation starter with your friends and family! 

Firstly, here are some quick tips to make your downstairs toilet look nice:

1. Declutter and clean the space thoroughly

2. Choose a color scheme or bold wallpaper for a vibrant look

3. Install layered lighting for an inviting atmosphere

4. Utilise wall space with shelves or decorative accents

5. Upgrade fixtures for a modern touch

6. Add mirrors to create the illusion of space

7. Incorporate natural elements like plants or flowers

8. Pay attention to small details like towels, candles, and storage

Let’s get into the ideas below!

Add a theme to a quirky downstairs toilet using wallpaper

Want to add some funky vibes to your downstairs toilet? Why not consider vibrant wallpaper like a jungle or tropical theme for a bold look? These wallpaper styles are fun to decorate with as they have lots of different colours that you can draw out from. Such as gold, pink and green.

green panelling and safari wallpaper in a downstair toilet

Beckie infuses her downstairs toilet with a jungle theme combined with dark green panelling and gold accessories to give the room a luxurious feel / Image by @thewrighthouserenovation on Instagram

blue downstairs bathroom with jungle wallpaper - quirky downstairs toilet ideas

Tilmahara uses a jungle theme wallpaper in the downstairs toilet and uses a beautiful dark blue colour to match the panelling and doors. The leafy green plant adds extra emphasis on the jungle theme for a cohesive look / Image by @tilmahara_houseofpatterns on Instagram 

floral quirky downstairs toilet idea

Image by @micromaximalist on Instagram

Another fabulous theme is dark florals, which can add a touch of glam to your toilet room. We love this Victorian toilet design by Matt, who has gone all out on bringing the quirkiness to the loo! When using dark and bold colours in your space, consider using contrasting features, like this decorative sink, which pops against the wallpaper, but also blends in with the theme with the decorative features. We also love the clever use of storage, using handwash holders instead of bulky shelves or cabinets.

Use pastels in a fun way to spruce up your downstairs loo 

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If you love a neutral colour scheme but are looking to achieve something a little different with your downstairs toilet, then pastels could be a great way to incorporate colour without being overbearing. From pale pink, to sage green, sky blue to soft yellow, there’s so much choice when it comes to picking a pastel colour scheme.

palm springs inspired downstairs toilet - quirky ideas for a downstairs toilet

Daniel uses pale pink to give a fresh look to the downstairs toilet while incorporating subtle ‘palm springs’ vibes using cacti artwork and leafy plants / Image by @henrybettyuk on Instagram

cream panelling floor to ceiling in a downstairs toilet to make it look more quirky

Another great way to make a pastel or muted toilet quirky is to panel the walls from floor-to-ceiling which will give you space extra depth. Combine with bold flooring to add a touch of character to finish the look / Image by @browsondesignandbuild on Instagram 

Create an exciting downstairs lav with eclectic style

Incorporating eclectic style into your downstairs loo can be a real conversation starter with guests. Full-of-character, mix and match styling and abundance of colour are all ingredients for creating an eclectic downstairs toilet. Wondering how to go about this? Pick two complimentary colours and use the brightest and boldest shade you are willing to go. Use one colour as your base, then the other to infuse decor and accessories into the space for it to come together. Don’t be afraid to add quirky and unique decor too!

eclectic and quirky downstairs toilet idea blue and pink

Reka uses lots of texture through wallpaper, embossed tiles and reflective gold fixtures for an eclectic glam downstairs toilet that is bold and fun / Image by @sorbet_dreams_by_reka on Instagram

blue and pink toilet with eclectic features - quirky downstairs toilet ideas

Ella infuses teal blue with hot pink and hints of gold into her downstairs lav to create a cool space that reminds us of the tropics of the sea / Image by @ellashausofdecor on Instagram

Use two-colour combination in the boldest shade for a show-stopping downstairs toilet

Using a two colour combination in a downstairs toilet can be really beneficial to the space. As they are typically small and boxed in, using a two colour scheme will break up the walls so that they feel taller. If this appeals to you and you’re thinking “how can I use two colours and make it quirky?” then consider a few things. Match block colours with patterns through wallpaper and decor, add panelling to give more texture and combine the use of tiling, Take note from the image below.

green and pink toilet - quirky downstiars toilet ideas

Stacey uses green and pink to create a cohesive and bold downstairs toilet space using lots of texture, patterns and hues to make the space feel fun and interesting in every single corner of the room / Image by @end_of_the_row on Instagram 

Will you try any of these quirky ideas? Find more ideas below!

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