Terracotta tiles are looking to be a big home interior trend

Selecting the right floor tiles for your home interior is crucial, especially considering the vast array of stone materials available. Understanding the unique characteristics of each stone can significantly influence your interior style choices, as well as inspiration from other homes. 

interior design trend for 2024 - Terracotta Parquet Kitchen idea

Recent research by Natural Stone Consulting highlights the growing popularity of “terracotta tiles” as the most frequently searched term on search engines, in comparison to alternatives like limestone and marble. This trend begs the question: are consumers shifting towards a preference for a more rustic tile aesthetic?

To put it into perspective, “terracotta tiles” gains an impressive 3,600 monthly searches, while “marble floor tiles” lags with 2,900 searches, and “limestone floor tiles” trails with 1,900 searches. This surge in search volume indicates a burgeoning interest in terracotta tiles and could be a sign of what’s to come in 2024.

2024 interior trends terracotta tiles - Natural Stone Consulting

What are the unique characteristics of terracotta?

characteristics of terracotta tiles

Terracotta tiles exude a rustic charm, often salvaged from old structures, including buildings and rooftops across Europe. Natural Stone Consulting offers authentic reclaimed terracotta in various forms, including bricks, parquet, and square options. Terracotta flooring is known for its durability, capable of withstanding high foot traffic while gaining character with age, in high-traffic areas like a kitchen or hallway

When it comes to installation, terracotta offers versatility. Reclaimed brick pavers can be laid in random patterns for an uneven, rugged look. At the same time, parquet tiles provide a slightly more uniform appearance, maintaining the rustic charm of their reclaimed history. Regardless of the choice, terracotta infuses a space with a sandy biscuit tonal blend, contributing to its unique appeal.

Natural Stone Consulting also offers handmade terracotta tiles from Italy, ideal for outdoor use due to their frost-proof nature. These tiles follow a tradition from the 16th century, made from a simple mixture of clay and rainwater pressed into wooden plates. They naturally dry before being fired in a kiln at extreme temperatures for nearly three days. Available in pink or deeper red tones, these Italian terracotta tiles offer a more consistent colour tone and a smoother surface compared to reclaimed options. They come in various formats, including squares, parquets, rectangles, and hexagons.

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