Maximising Small Spaces: Clever Storage Solutions for Compact Homes

Living in a smaller space doesn’t mean sacrificing functionality and style. There are plenty of clever storage solutions that can be used to maximise the space available in your home, making life easier and your home somewhere that you’ll love to spend time with. 

Creative Furniture Choices 

Choosing the right furniture is a game-changer in small spaces. Think multi-function or adaptable wherever possible as this means that one piece of furniture can do the work of multiple pieces. 

Clever storage solutions for your bedroom

Foldable tables allow you to sit down with family and friends without sacrificing your floor space when they go home and nested chairs help a space feel less cluttered. Furniture with hidden storage is also a must, such as ottomans that can house throws and blankets, or under-bed storage drawers for bedding or out-of-season clothes. Make the most of fitted wardrobes with clever interiors to keep clothes, shoes and accessories organised and easy to find. 

clever storage solutions for your clothes - built in wardrobes

Fitted Wardrobes by Hammonds

Opting for multifunctional furniture in your home means you can maximise on space without compromising on aesthetics. 

Space-Saving Hacks 

DIY hacks are key to making the most of your home without breaking the bank, and there are plenty of simple tips and tricks that can make a small space look and feel bigger than it is. 

Using vertical storage

Utilising forgotten areas for vertical storage can make a huge difference by helping to keep floors and walkways clear. Behind or over-door storage can be used for obvious things like shoes, coats, hats and scarves, and this means you don’t need a bulky shoe or coat rack taking up valuable floor space in your hall. Behind-the-door storage can also be used for less obvious items in other rooms of your home, such as packets of dried goods like rice and pasta in the kitchen, or to keep craft items neatly organised in a home office or workspace. 

Get creative with DIY clever storage solutions

No space for a dressing table? No problem. A cork board covered with wallpaper or fabric makes the perfect place to hang jewellery in lieu of a jewellery box, and a magnetic board and adhesive magnets can be used to house makeup palettes on the wall rather than cluttering up precious space on sideboards or bathroom cabinets. 

Use natural lighting

You can also create the illusion of space in a tiny home by making the most of the natural light on offer. Keep window sills clutter-free and choose curtains and blinds that allow some light to filter through. You can also use strategically placed mirrors or mirrored furniture to make tiny spaces feel less oppressive. 

Organisational Tips 

In a small home, there’s no room for clutter. Keeping on top of your possessions before they take over is crucial. Schedule regular clear-outs and be ruthless about what you hold onto. Try to recycle unwanted items wherever possible or donate them to a good cause. Remember that everything you bring into your home will be taking up valuable space so consider new purchases carefully. 

Many smaller homes lack storage, making it difficult to find places to put items that you don’t need constant access to, but also can’t part with either, for example, bulky winter clothes or guest bedding. If you don’t have a loft space or airing cupboard, why not use empty suitcases to store these items or invest in vacuum bags that can be stored in wardrobes or under beds? 

Utilise Your Outdoor Space 

Don’t forget to make the most of any outdoor space your home might have, whether that’s a garden, yard or balcony. Investing in some compact outdoor furniture immediately provides you with an additional space to relax and unwind or entertain guests. 

homebase lawn mower offer

Mini-tiered greenhouses or growhouses will allow you to try your hand at gardening even in the very smallest of spaces. At the same time, outdoor storage boxes can be used to house essentials like watering cans and gardening equipment or larger items like bicycles and lawnmowers. 


There’s no denying that compact living comes with unique challenges, but clever storage solutions and creative thinking make it possible to live well in a smaller space without compromising on aesthetics or practicality. 

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