Garden Room vs Conservatory: which one should you choose?

Garden Rooms 365 compare gardens rooms vs a conservatory for your next home project…

People often get confused while building an extra room for their existing house. Most of them either go for a garden room or a conservatory.

Is it confusing for you to choose the correct option among these two?

Don’t worry. This article will assist you with every feature, constructive method, and advantage and disadvantage of both options.

Differences and similarities between a garden room and a conservatory

There are some differences depending on which you can avail of your choice. However, it is secure to consult with a garden room builder before getting started.

What is the main difference between a garden room and conservatory?

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A garden room is a separate garden building, built to spend quality time and leisure. You can decorate it with natural objects which enhance your home and garden ambience.

On the other hand, the conservatory is a mainly transparent room especially attached to the conventional buildings in the U.K. There is less possibility of getting in touch with nature.

What Planning Permission is needed for outdoor buildings?

There are various planning permissions essential to building constructions in the U.K. The general rule of thumb states that outdoor buildings with a maximum height of 2.5 meters do not need permission. Therefore, garden room building is much safer to build without any permission. On the other hand, you can’t make the above-mentioned measurement over a conservatory. Now, what you’ll like to choose is totally up to you.

Consider your requirments

You have to keep in mind your requirement first. If you want to relax or spend your leisure time with your close ones, a garden room may be more suitable, because the conservatories are too hot in summer and too cold in winter. The high percentage of glazing makes them uncomfortable most of the time. However, if you want to grow plants in an indoor atmosphere, you can choose a conservatory. It’ll give them more satisfaction than garden rooms.


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It’s often confusing which construction lasts longer. If you are looking for bespoke garden rooms or bespoke conservatories, both constructions are designed for the long run. You need to consider the materials garden rooms or conservatories are using to make the decision as well as the scale of the room you want, which will help you decide.

Greenhouse Facility

If you are in search of a greenhouse just next to your door, you can opt for a conservatory in your garden. The glazing will make it more comfortable for a greenhouse setting and your plants. On the other hand, the garden house is open aired and is more beneficial to you rather than your plants.

Sound proofing comparison

In most cases, people make garden rooms in front of their houses. However, conservatories are mainly next to their kitchens and in the garden. As a result, garden rooms are more serene and also soundproof. However, you can get some noises of kitchen appliances from the kitchen in your conservatory.

Which is best to clean?

If you want to breathe in the fresh air, you need to make your surroundings clean as possible. Unlike a garden room, cleaning a conservatory is hardly possible to do regularly. Surprisingly, conservatories need to be cleaned more to prevent tarnishing.

What are the different types of Garden Rooms and Conservatories?

There are five main garden rooms: the Garden Office, Sunroom, Annexe, Workshop, and Recreational Room. On the other hand, if you are looking for a conservatory, you’ll get so many different types. It includes- a Lean-to conservatory, Victorian Conservatory, Edwardian or Georgian conservatory, Gable conservatory, P-shape Conservatory, T-shape conservatory, and many more. Bespoke type is available in both the constructions as bespoke garden rooms and bespoke conservatories.

Will you choose a conservatory or garden room?

In conclusion, both constructions are helpful if you want more space in your residential plot. What makes these two different is the purpose of use. You must keep the points mentioned above in mind before making such constructions within your house and garden.

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