Best Floral Artificial Flowers That Look Realistic In Your Home

Make your home bloomin’ gorgeous all year round…

If you’re on a quest to give your home everlasting beauty and charm, you’ve landed in the right place. In this article, we share the enchanting ways that artificial flowers can bring, focusing on the best floral varieties that will effortlessly elevate any room in your home.

best aritificial potted lily plant

Why Artificial Flowers?

We understand the allure of having flowers that remain perpetually vibrant, require minimal maintenance, and perfectly suit your aesthetic preferences. Artificial flowers offer not only a practical solution but also a canvas for creativity, allowing you to craft stunning arrangements tailored to your home’s personality.

Floral arrangements have long been synonymous with grace and sophistication, and artificial flowers have taken this elegance to new heights. Whether you love seasonal blooms to create different decor aesthetics throughout the year. Or you have a favourite flower you would love to have in your space all year round,  artificial flowers are the perfect decor feature to complete your sanctuary. Discover our favourite artificial flowers by OKA below, who also offer artificial and faux flower arrangements. 

Best floral artificial flower stems – great for mixing and matching

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If you fancy yourself as a florist and love matching your floral arrangements with your decor, buying artificial flower stems is the way to go. Whether you have a neutral home, boho aesthetic or country cottage – we’ve pulled together the best floral artificial flower stem ideas below to inspire you to get creative with your vases!

Wild floral artificial flowers 

Wild flower arrangements suit many styles of homes including country homes, farmhouses, boho, and coastal homes. They’re also a fab addition to small homes and apartments due to their size!

best floral artificial flowers wildflowers

Add country cottage charm to your space with artificial wild berry stems. Bunch them together to create a cohesive floral arrangement, or mix with white berries for a contrasting look.

If you would like to make your own wild flower arrangements using artificial flowers, see our guide below on some lovely options where you can mix and match to suit your decor!

artificial wild floral flowers for vase arrangements
Shop the look: Green Juniper | Green Hop Stem | Evergreen Pine | Frosted Berry | Eucalyptus stem

Colourful artificial flowers for statement vases

Add a touch of colour to your space with artificial flower stems, which can be bunched together in a statement vase to create a voluminous bouquet or styled with some artificial wildflower or berry stems for a rustic look.

best floral artificial flowers lily stem

Artificial Pink Lily Stem

Bring the essence of Spring into your home with a pink and white lily stem. Bunch 4 or 5 of these stems for a flourishing bouquet. These artificial flowers are great if you have pets, as real lilies are poisonous to dogs and cats.

floral artificial flowers hydrangea stem

Artificial Hydrangea

These artificial hydrangeas are voluminous and will add a colourful texture to your home, with their two-toned green and burgundy petals. Perfect on a windowsill in the kitchen or living room, or as a centrepiece for your dining table.

best floral artificial flowers amaryllis

Artificial Amaryllis Stem

Want to add to a jungle theme room? Amaryllis is a tropical plant, which is a great addition to an eclectic or colourful home.

best floral artificial flowers hellebore

Artificial Hellebore

These long-stem hellebore artificial flowers are delicate and are a wonderful choice to add to your floral arrangements. Additionally, you can mix and match these as they come in 3 colour options. They also have extra long stems which allow you to cut them to size if needed.

best artificial floral orchid purple

Artificial Purple Orchid

Create a cozy space in your home with a bunch of artificial purple orchid stems. Perfect in statement vases to give a bold impact, these floral stems come without the bulb or flower and can create a wonderful autumnal look in your living room, hallway or bedroom.

best floral artificial flower delpginium

Artificial Delphinium

Looking for a floral that embodies the countryside? Look no further than the colourful delphinium stem! Incorporate this faux flower into your space to complete a farmhouse or cottage-style home.

best floral artificial flower protea

Artificial Protea

Ideal all year round and great in a bouquet, these Proteas have lovely detailing to them and they are designed to look like they are just about to bloom, making these stems lovely in a spring floral arrangement.

best floral artificial flowers burgundy lily

Artificial Burgundy Lily

Perfect for dark and moody spaces, this burgundy lily is an elegant flower that can look pretty in a small vase, or as part of a large flower bouquet.

Best artificial potted flowers

Potted plants are great for adding the final touches to your home. They add visual interest and colour to your space in a subtle way that can leave you with a smile on your face. The same goes with artificial potted plants – consider them a lifetime investment that can become part of your home’s aesthetic. The beauty of artificial potted plants is that you can move them around to brighten up shady spots in your room, unlike the real thing! 

Medium artificial potted plants

best aritificial potted lily plant

Artificial Potted White Orchid

Enjoy the beauty of an artificial orchid, which blooms all year round. This faux plant has lifelike features, such as moss for realistic detailing. These orchids are available in 3 sizes to suit your space (see image above).

best floral artificial flowers orchid plant

Artificial Potted Green Orchid

Add a touch of greenery to your room with an artificial green orchid that makes a bold statement. This plant is perfect for eclectic interiors when put in a quirky pot!

best floral artificial flowers phalaenopsis Gigantea orchid plant

Artificial Phalaenopsis Gigantea Orchid

Enjoy the beauty of a fully bloomed Phalaenopsis Gigantea Orchid with this artificial plant design. We love the purple/pink colour of this plant which can add a touch of elegance and warmth into your space.

Best Artificial Floral Agapanthus

Artificial Agapanthus

If you adore the look of fresh flowers, whether it’s upon walking into your home, in the downstairs toilet, or as part of your room’s decor, then look no further than agapanthus. This lovely white flower is great all year round, and especially in spring and summer to freshen up your space.

Large potted artificial plants

Best floral artificial flowers olive tree

Artificial Olive Tree

Add a touch of Mediterranean charm to your room with a potted Olive Tree. This large artificial plant is the perfect statement tree if you’re looking to bring greenery into an empty corner of your room and can elevate your space.

Best Floral Artificial Floral Fiddle Plant

Artificial Fiddle Plant

Make a bold statement in your home with a large fiddle plant, which has large violin-shaped leaves.

Best floral artificial flowers bay tree

Artificial Bay Tree

Symbolising courage and strength, a bay tree is a lovely addition to your home to keep the vibes positive. With its twisted trunk and leafy top, this lovely tree is a great statement piece for your hallway, living room, or conservatory.

Best artificial flowers for displaying in your home

There are many ways to display artificial flowers in your home, from wreaths that hang on your door to garlands that dress your table or stairs. Artificial floral flowers are great for adding character to your home without worrying about the leaves going crispy or the petals falling off. 


best artificial floral garlands with pink roses

Artificial Pink Rose Garland

Give your space a makeover with a romantic pink rose garland. Perfect for decorating your kitchen windowsill or on a dining table.


best artificial pink rose gardland

Artificial Rose & Eucalyptus Wreath

Bring the charm of an English garden to your space with this charming rose and eucalyptus wreath, which is a great addition to decorate your front door. This can also be used above your fireplace or in your hallway.

best floral artificial flowers eucalyptus wreath

Artificial Eucalyptus Wreath

Give your home an autumnal look with this beautiful burgundy eucalyptus wreath, which also has a touch of greenery. This wreath would make a lovely feature in a cottage or moody space.

Artificial bouquets

Are you unsure of how to create an artificial bouquet? Don’t panic! There are lots of ready-made artificial floral bouquets that you can buy without the stress of mixing and matching your own. See some of our favourite examples below. 

best artificial floral arrangements red roses

Artificial Rose Floral Arrangement

Red roses are a statement floral arrangement, providing your space with a romantic feel and a pop of colour with these intense red roses.

best artificial pussy willow floral arrangment

Artificial Pussy Willow Floral Arrangement

Add a touch of rustic charm to your space with a pussy willow floral arrangement. These deep red florals are great to give a space a pop of colour.

best floral artificial flower arrangments

Artificial Mix Floral Arrangements

Give your space a colourful makeover with a mix of country meadow floral arrangement.

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