How to make a converted van homely

Van conversions are rising in popularity as more and more people want to travel up and down the country whilst feeling the comforts of home on the go. 

Whether you’ve got a van you’re looking to convert, or you want to add to your existing cans decor, we’ve got some ideas below shared by van converters on how to make it as homely as you can. 

1. Make the space work for you

how to make a converted van feel homely
Natural and homely van conversion by Rachelannerandolph

“Have the intention of making it a home, but allow that to change. Orient around it being a small space, the colors that you’re exposed to most that make you feel good, and allow new experiences to change your perspective of what makes a home.”


We love this neutral van conversion that is full of natural elements like wood to make the space feel open even in a small space and it’s also very adaptable for any homely style. 

2. Layer texture for a homely van conversion

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how to make a converted van feel homely
Cozy comfort van conversion by Vebtured_campers

“Having all the cozy comforts is essential in our tiny home on wheels. We love wooden materials paired with patterned textiles and adding greenery – all are lightweight and easy to store in our limited space.”


Storage is super important when designing a van conversion. Pull out drawers and built-in storage is key for making your van feel homely so that you have access to all your necessities on the road.

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3. Treat your van conversion just like a home

how to make a converted van feel homely
Use texture and warm furnishings to create a homely van. Image by Thekastlecasita

“I would say the biggest thing in making a van feel homely is adding lots of texture and warmth to it. Make it feel cozy. Treat it just as any other home.”

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Treating your van just like it’s a regular home is the best way to make it your own and adding a homely touch. We love this cozy van conversion that has all the elements of a home by furnishing everyday things such as costs, hats, books, flowers and soft textures. 

4. Create a functional kitchen diner space for everyday living

how to make a converted van feel homely
Quirky and functional kitchen in a converted van by Julis_travels

They say that the kitchen is the heart and soul of a home and this can be said for van life too. Having somewhere to prep, cook and dine is crucial on the road and what’s more, dining space is multi-functional as an office and chill out space. 

Make a van kitchen homely with tile features for a unique look, as well as hanging macrame for your fruit and additional storage by using the interior walls for cupboard space, just like this neutral van design by Julis. 

5. Fill your van with ample seating for relaxation

how to make a converted van feel homely
Relaxing seating to create a homely space in a converted van. Image by Barerootsproject

Small spaces can lack ample seating, so when converting your van consider more seating than usual. We love this simple van conversion by Bareroots Project that uses up almost the entire floor on seating, which can be used as beds, dining space and work space for comfortable road trips in style!

6. Be bright and colorful for a homely van conversion

how to make a converted van feel homely
Bright and bold converted van by Thispairgothere

“Be bold and make design choices that make you happy. Wallpaper is a great way to make a van feel less like a van and more like a home.”


Adding your own unique style and touch to a van interior is a sure way to make it feel homely. Whether it’s colourful upholstery, bold wallpaper or cute decor finds that make you smile, mix it up for a fun place to reside. 

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7. Create the perfect setup for lounging and enjoying the outdoors

how to make a converted van feel homely
Van extension with a relaxing outdoor lounge space by Van.damn.adl

Creating a homely van conversion isn’t restricted to just the interior. If you’ve got a small van, making sure you can create a homely outdoor space is just as important as it acts as your van extension. We love this inflatable sofa setup with cozy rug and coffee table that is so easy to pack up and lay back out.

8. Lighting and carpeting can add warmth to a converted van home

how to make a converted van feel homely - carpets and lighting

Carpets add a layer of comfort and warmth to the flooring of a converted van, making it feel more like a cozy home. Good lighting, whether through natural light or strategically placed fixtures, can create a welcoming and inviting atmosphere that enhances the overall feeling of homeliness in the space.

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