13 Bedroom Artwork Ideas to Upgrade Your Bedroom Style

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🖼️Express your personality through bedroom artwork with these ideas!

Do you want to transform your sleep space into a masterpiece? Bedroom Artwork Ideas can turn your bedroom into a space that reflects your unique style.

In this article, we will explore how to decorate the bedroom walls unconventionally, from adopting a theme to using unique objects as an element of the art.

Check out these ideas to spruce up your bedroom:

  1. Embrace a Theme

Choosing a specific theme for your artwork is an excellent strategy when decorating your bedroom. The atmosphere in your bedroom can be enhanced by choosing a specific theme. You can use themes like nature-based patterns with landscapes, botanical prints, and minimalist style with abstract art.

With the help of art pieces that are relevant to your preferred theme, you achieve a sense of depth and direction in the overall look of the room. This conscious approach guarantees that the art piece matches the current decor, creating a stunning and harmonious bedroom that matches your preferences.

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Therefore, consider the desired effect and the style you want to convey, and let it shape your choice of artworks under a theme.

  1. Place Artwork Above the Bed

Placing the artwork above the bed is one of the trendiest ways people decorate their bedroom. This position forms a powerful point of focus and also draws the viewer’s attention to the art. Select a piece that fits in very well with the colour scheme and your bedroom.

For instance, a large abstract painting may serve as a modern touch, while a tranquil landscape may provide a very relaxing feeling.

abstract colourful artwork for above the bed
Artwork: Soho Home
  1. Decorate With Greenery
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Apart from the usual paintings, try to introduce some greenery in your bedroom design. You can use hanging planters or a living wall art installation to bring a fresh and natural vibe to your space.

The combination of art and plant life creates a calming and peaceful environment by bringing nature experience into our bedroom. The organic shapes of the green plants bring elements of texture and depth to your bedroom walls. While simultaneously releasing oxygen and bringing out a peaceful feeling.

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  4. String plants for floating shelves

The following are the items that you can use to decorate your bedroom for greenery effects:

  1. Cascade ivy
  2. leafy ferns
  3. low-maintenance succulents (small indoor cactus types plants).

Such greenery items provide life and vibrancy in your bedroom, contributing to a calming and refreshing atmosphere.

  1. Play With Pattern
geometric modern artwork for bedroom
Geometric Print: Amazon

Don’t hesitate to try out patterns in your bedroom art. Geometric prints, intricate details, or even a collection of antique fabrics will bring some visual interest and texture to your walls. Combine various patterns while ensuring the colour coordination to achieve a balanced and also fashionable appearance.

  1. Think Creatively About Hanging Art

As you choose hanging art for your bedroom, a number of creative bedroom wall decor ideas are available for consideration. Instead of the conventional frames, try using floating shelves to showcase your favourite items. This helps your art display to look modern and minimalistic. Another suggestion is to add an unconventional tapestry or fabric to the wall instead of a painting or photo. 

floral boho tapestry for bedroom wall
Tapestry: Amazon

This brings a touch of texture and visual appeal to your bedding. Also, you can consider other styles, such as a gallery wall featuring different artworks, and bulldog clips for an easy and movable approach.

You can combine different styles to hang plants with art pieces, upcycling vintage window frames. Consider using decorative hooks and knobs to showcase your art in a novel way.

textured wall art for a rustic bedroom
Textured framed artwork: OKA
  1. Plan a Gallery Wall

Artwork: OKA

In order to have a personalised gallery wall, one should place several artworks together. Choose pieces of different sizes, frames, and styles to create a visually appealing arrangement. With this, you can display an array of your preferred items and give a personal touch to your bedroom.

  1. Hang Musical Instruments

Consider including musical instruments as artwork pieces in your bedroom. You can decorate your room using various musical instruments like:

  1. Guitar
  2. Violin
  3. Flute
  4. Music box discs
  5. Piano
  6. DIY CDS in various styles

Besides this, you can also try any other instrument by hanging it on the wall. This not only makes it very creative but also shows your interests and hobbies.

  1. Incorporate a Beautiful Mural

You can make a mural on the entire wall for artistic bedroom design. Select an image that speaks to you. For example: a nature image, geometric patterns, or a beautiful landscape of a city. A mural can be a highly striking background that sets the atmosphere for sure.

Check out this amazing wall mural transformation reel by @cherry_at_home

floral wall mural for bedroom
  1. Frame a Chalkboard

You can also use a chalkboard to decorate your bedroom. You can draw art and patterns when you’re bored. It allows you to show motivational phrases, doodle, or jot down the notes. It is a very flexible and creative work that you can change at any time.

  1. Be Creative with Panelling

Panelling is a perfect solution for those who wish to convert their bedroom into something different. You can place the panels on the walls and make them into the backgrounds of an art display. This enhances your surroundings with a lot of depth and aesthetic value. It also creates an environment that is so very vibrant and also classy.

bedroom panelling to enhance your walls

Best Wall Panelling Choices For Your Home

  1. Think Beyond Frames and Canvases

It is important to think outside the frames and canvases when it comes to bedroom decoration. This involves using different and alternative options such as 

Wall sculptures, woven tapestries, or even a set of decorative plates.These items can be personal and will add lots of texture, shape and colour to your walls in a unique way.

wall tapestry - alternative to artwork for your bedroom
Ceramic hanging tapestry: Denver Modern
  1. Add Some Vintage Posters

Vintage posters can give your room an old-school vibe. Find ads with the posters of your favourite movies, bands, or travel destinations. Frame them and put them on the walls to make a special and personalised gallery.

  1. Use Mirrors for Symmetry

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The mirrors in the bedroom can be very practical and also can be artistic as well.

Hanging such a collection allows for arranging a set of mirrors with many shapes and sizes symmetrically. Mirrors are not just fancy decorative pieces, but they also help to make the room appear brighter and bigger.


Transforming your bedroom into a captivating masterpiece involves exploring various artworks. From setting thematic elements to playing with items like musical instruments, greenery, and chalkboards, the possibilities are endless. As per the experts from CDR Australia, you can try different patterns and vintage posters or mirrors to add charm. So, go ahead and introduce creativity into your bedroom decor and turn it into a place of peacefulness and visual delight.

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