13 Best Bedroom Plants For Clean And Positive Aroma

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Plants can help clear the air in your room as well as keeping you in touch with nature.

With hundreds of plants available in garden centres and online, it can be difficult to choose which plants are best for your space to give you positive aura and become part of your decor.

Not every plant can be the right choice for your bedroom, and that’s why we’ve taken the hard work out of deciding which plants are low maintainance, easy to take care of and look beautiful for your bedroom below.

1. Gerbera Daisy

Source: Gerbera Jamesonii Hybrids. Digital image. King Seeds. N.p., 2013

Our first suggestion in the list of best bedroom plants is Gerber daisy, which is easy to handle and a pack of purifying punches. It represents the cheerfulness and celebration in your surroundings, giving you a sense of positivity. And the best part is that it doesn’t need repotting for nearly three years, making it hassle-free and a beautiful indoor choice.

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2. Prayer Plants

Source: Sugar Creek Gardens

One of the best bedroom plants is the Prayer plant as they are easy to care for and requires lower indoor lighting. It needs indirect sunlight which means you can keep them near your window, which has no direct sunlight. You don’t even have to water it every day, lessening the mess and perfect for a bedroom. The trickiest step is to let them bloom well.

3. Bush Ivy

Source: Pike Nurser

If love the minimalist or bohemian look in your bedroom why not consider the bush ivy as your bedroom plant choice. Through its fast growth factor, it climbs faster and lets your entire bedroom wall go green. Easy to handle, it is a part of the money plant family, which brings good fortune, overcomes financial odds and brings stability in life.

4. Monstera

Source: Plant Potion

Due to its excellent nature of growing under the shade having a monstera plant is ideal for your bedroom (if you have partial sunlight flowing from your room). You can place these in any area of your room where it has indirect bright light coming. These are great air purifiers, which definitely makes it a subtle choice. In addition, the monstrea symbolises respect for elders and long life, enhancing positivity.

5. Wax Ivy

Source: u/crissalina / Reddit

If your bedroom has tonnes of bright indirect light for straight-six hours or more, you can try growing a wax Ivy. All you need to do is grow in a good draining pot with good use of fertilisation for the active growth. These form great climbers and are somewhat similar to the ivy bushes. Wax ivy, as the name sounds have waxy pink leaves with succulent stems and are the best plants for bedroom to add aesthetics.

6. Azaleas

Source: thejoyofplants.co.uk

If you have a choice to have compact and floriferous surroundings, the azalea is among the best bedroom plants and hence a splendid choice. Even if you plant them in part shade, they will move on towards sunlight, a gorgeous habit of theirs. These are beloved plants with braided stems and pink flowers, giving you the perfect bedroom goals through their colours and vibrancy. They are generous and fragrant, making the most out of your winters. 

7. Begonias

Source: University of Minnesota Extension

If you adore hanging baskets and pots as an option for planting, begonias are the best bedroom plants to reside near your window. You have to take care of the pot so that it has good drainage, it does not rot due to overlogging. You can try potting them in jute baskets or clay pots. Now, it is popular indoors as it is low maintenance. Additionally, it indicates a symbol of prosperity and good relationships, so pick them up fast.

8. Madagascar Jasmine

Source: u/bananramaanna / Reddit

Madagascar jasmine is a beautiful house and conservatory plant, grown for its glossy, dark green leaves and long-lasting white jasmine-scented flowers—often used in wedding bouquets. They form a large vine, which make them the best plants for the bedroom to decorate the boundary of your window. However, it is a winter flowering plant and can be a little tricky to grow. It symbolises marital happiness, good fortune and longing to travel, making it not only a necessary but a preferred one in this list of best bedroom plants.

9. Ficus Benjamina

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Image by Kermodi via Instagram

A popular indoor plant is known for its braided stems, evergreen leaves, and longevity. It is a fast grower and easy maintenance plant, perfect for your bedroom. As part of the NASA Clean Air Study, Ficus Benjamina from the same ficus group helps to reduce formaldehyde, xylene, and toluene levels in indoor air, improving air quality. Furthermore, it indicates tree of peace and abundance, which also marks good luck, spreading positivity around you.

10. Ferns

Source: Gardening Know How

If you are probably one who loves watering plants and can’t see the soil drying out, then ferns are for you. With low maintenance they require the least sunlight and can grow in a humid climate, making them the best plants for bedroom to flaunt. Further they symbolize eternal youth, new beginnings and hopes for future generations. You can’t miss them growing in your interiors to see your surroundings change. 

11. Persian Violet

Source: Hazzards Green House

Growing beautiful lavenders is a strenuous task as it needs a lot of attention and care, but Persian violets are the one which looks similar and have soothing fragrance in them, grown indoors. It is an annual or short-lived perennial, but they bloom, especially in winter.

You don’t need much light for them but an indirect bright light for good flowering. It symbolises love, happiness and eternal spiritual knowledge, making it suitable for your small reading corner in the bedroom.

12. Peperomia Plant

Source: Lil Plants

If you want an easy-maintenance semi-succulent, adaptable and visually appealing, then you can not backstep on getting a peperomia plant. Most of them live for five to ten years if cared for properly. Due to its slower growth rate, you dont have to change the pot, again and again, making it a perfect small houseplant. The Brazilians believe that this plant is auspicious and an agent of luck, so try owning one for your bedroom to find out if they are right.

13. Begonia Rex

Source: GPN Mag

With their irresistible foliage, you’ll be greeted by an array of colours, textures, and shapes in your area when you have them in your home. Its leaves display a variety of shapes, such as hearts, seashells, swirls, and more. Pink, burgundy, and bronze colours with metallic flecks of greyish silver in your bedroom are something you can own through Begonia rex. 

Style your plants to your decor

Written by Mahima Sharma

Your bedroom is a special place that requires a fusion of all options, including air-purifying plants, peace-loving plants, and Vastu plants. My supreme goal was to include one or two selections from each genre in this list. But remember that to identify the best bedroom plants or any plant to show off your exquisite taste in decor, you must first grasp popular decor trends.

Simplykalaa has curated the year-long decor trends, giving you a befitting selection for placing your plants. Combine your knowledge by reading both articles to accord the best output.

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