Best Colours To Style With Dulux Overtly Olive

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💚Gorgeous green room ideas using Overtly Olive 

Are you wondering “What colour goes with Overtly Olive?” – this subtle green can easily be paired with neutrals and more vibrant colours depending on the look and feel you want your room to have. Learn how to style this shade in your home with these beautiful ideas.

Discover how to style Dulux Overtly Olive and colour-matching ideas below. 

Dulux Overtly Olive Living Room Ideas

Don’t want to panel? Try a scalloped wall instead

dulux overtly olive living room with orange and gold decor
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Diving your wall using a scallop design is a simple and quick way to create contrast in your living room. This Overtly Green wall works well against a burnt orange sofa and gold/brass decor to add warmth and a touch of luxury in a fun and quirky way. 

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Enhance a neutral home with a green accent wall

dulux overtly olive living room neutral colour scheme
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Don’t be afraid to add a touch of colour to your neutral space. Take this gorgeous living room for example where Chloe has infused Overtly Olive into the fireplace wall and alcove shelving. This colour warms up the space and brings other elements like the fireplace and bay windows to life. 

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Green on green

dulux overly olive living room with wall panelling
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Colour drench your living room by layering shades of green against Overly Olive walls. Go for richer greens for your sofa and decor to make your walls feel brighter to give your space an open and airy feel. Break up the green with white for a bold contrast, and wood for warmth. 

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Green, grey and pink are a match made in heaven!

dulux overtly olive living room with pink and grey
📸 @evaspencer91

Green and pink are complementary colours, which means that when used together, they enhance the colours of each other. Meaning that green will look more green, and pink will look more pink. This living room space shows this beautifully, with pink as the accent colour used around the space. Furthermore, this enhances the outdoor space too for an indoor/outdoor feeling. 

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Dulux Overtly Olive Bedroom

Be playful with pink 

dulux overtly green bedroom
📸 @jessicaslittlehive

Picking out the right colour duvet set can be the trickiest aspect when styling Overtly Olive walls. Keeping it neutral with white, beige or grey bedding is key. But also adding a subtle touch of colour into the space can give it a new lease of life. We love what Jessica has done in the design above, using dusky pink pillows and subtle floral bedding to give the space a colourful and playful feel.  

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Dulux Overtly Olive Nursery or Toddler Room

Use Overtly Olive to create a safari-themed room!

dulux overtly olive nursery toddler room

📸 @maddy_athome

Create a serene safari-theme bedroom for your little one using Overtly Olive, which is a soft green that is delicate and soothing for a bedroom. We love how Maddy has styled this space using cream, grey, and white to bring the theme together. Plus, we love the panelling, which can evolve the room when your toddler grows up. 

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What colours go with Dulux Overtly Olive?

Cream with Overtly Olive

colours that go with overtly olive paint - cream

Cream is a wonderful colour to use with Overtly Olive and will create a soothing and serene space. Use cream as a secondary colour against a green wall to soften the space. This can be done through bedding and accessories, light wood furniture, and rugs.

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colours that go with overtly olive paint - cream living room

Brighten up a dark living room using Overtly Olive and a cream colour scheme to give your space a hint of colour without overwhelming it. This colour combination is great in small and larger rooms. For a country aesthetic, consider a rich fireplace for a rustic charm, that brings the outside in. Match with a fabric sofa, textured rugs and decor to add depth to the space.

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Purple and pink

colours that go with overtly olive paint - purple bedroom

Enhance Overtly Olive with a purple colour scheme to add depth and richness to your space. Purple is on the opposite side of the colour wheel to green which means that when you pair these colours together, they will enhance each other. Choose pastel hues of purple to keep your space feeling calm and serene, while still being full of colour and character.

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colours that go with overtly olive paint - pink living room

Pink is another great colour to pair with Overtly Olive. Play with different shades of this in your living room to create visual interest and contrast. To keep the scheme cohesive but interesting, use patterns through rugs and other textiles such as pillows and curtains that combine beige or cream shades to keep the scheme muted and relaxing.

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Dark green and gold

colours that go with overtly olive paint - green bedroom

If you love going bold, consider matching Overtly Olive with darker tones of green. Incorporating furniture with velvet textures and gold features can give your space a regal feel. Keeping to a theme can also enhance your room’s aesthetic to keep you on the scheme. Themes that work well in a green room include jungle, botanical, boho and glam deco.

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colours that go with overtly olive paint - green living room

Dark green against Overtly Olive walls can also work well in a living room. To break up colour, consider using beige or cream sofas and curtains to give a soothing contest against green. Rugs, floor lamps, coffee tables and other furniture can be darker to give the space depth.

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