Want To Make Your Home Design Like A Luxury Hotel? Here Are the Features to Add

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Are you an avid traveller? What do you enjoy the most apart from discovering new and wondrous locations and place around the world? It has to be the luxury of living in the fancy hotels.  

Immersing in the comfy bed of a hotel with clean sheets, enjoying astounding views from large picture windows, and gorging on delightful snacks and meals are the things you also enjoy when staying in hotels. What if you bring opulence and design your home like a luxury hotel? How can you make your house create a vacation-like feeling? Why don’t you discuss your plans with custom home builders in Kelowna to create a feeling similar to staying in a luxury hotel? That way you can step ahead and add features to your house to create a feeling similar to a hotel.  

How to make your home design like a luxury hotel

Here is how you can add a luxurious feel to your house in new housing developments in Kelowna.  

  • Place the Furniture Strategically  

The way you place furniture in the interiors and the exteriors determine whether your house may resemble a hotel. Just like hotels, you can match the upholstery with the wall paint and the décor objects. The living room furniture deserves special mention when you are trying to add a luxurious feel to your house. Besides, you need to have a few identical objects in the bedroom like the closet and night lamp. Consulting with Kelowna home builders will reveal more options for designing a home that feels like a fancy hotel. 

  • Add Bold Colours  

What colours do you envisage when designing your house like a hotel? It must be a flurry of pastel shades. Most hotels have their rooms painted in white or pastel shades to encourage natural light to enter. You can add uniqueness to your home with accents of bold shades on the walls or get décor objects in bold shades to balance the white walls or pastel shades. The bolder the shades, the better it is for you to entertain the guests. 

  • Decorate the Patio  

Have you stayed in hotels with luxurious exteriors? The exterior of your house has a significant impact to make. That is why you need to make the patio attractive; be it the designs or the furniture you add here. A well-defined patio is typically the icebreaker of a house that may make you feel like a luxurious hotel.  

The moment people step inside the boundary of your home; they will feel the impact of a fancy hotel if you design the patio that is truly ideal for entertaining the guests. If you are searching for Tower Ranch homes for sale and planning to design a luxurious house that resembles a hotel, connect with Dilworth Homes. They have been creating lifestyle homes for several years and a name that you associate with trust.  

  • Do Not Compromise Your Comfort  

No matter how luxurious your home design is and how similar it looks to a hotel, remember that you need to feel comfortable at the end of the day. But do not create a heap of bespoke features that gets on your nerves. Every home owner deserves comfort at the end of the day, so a Jacuzzi or a sauna bath or other appliances should not steal the homeliness of your luxury house.  

  • Window Treatments  

Do you want abundant sunlight to enter the rooms? Depending on how much natural light you want in the rooms, get your window treatments. You may filter some light to create more privacy inside the house or hang curtains if you want.  

  • Designing the Bathroom 

When making your house look like a hotel, you cannot miss adding zeal to the bathroom. Therefore, adding a luxury bathtub is the first requirement with a stylish countertop and plenty of storage spaces. But you need to take care in designing the bathroom keeping in mind that it is your home after all. So, all you need is to maintain the luxurious feel and discard the rest. 

  • Add Lighting Fixtures  

If you notice the lighting arrangement in hotel rooms, you will notice that there is a striking balance between different levels of illumination. You can follow a similar approach and mix and match different lights that add an aura to your house and give it a fancy feel. Just make sure that you are careful about making your house energy-efficient. 

Want a home design like a luxury hotel? Discuss with custom home builders in Kelowna about the simplest of ideas you can implement to indulge in a luxury lifestyle even if you are not on vacation.  

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