Tips to Help Keep Yourself and Your Home Warm In Winter

Don’t let the cold winter weather get you down! These expert tips from Create Room will help you stay warm and cozy all season long.


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We understand that the rising energy bills are prompting families to cut corners to save money. But as winters in the UK can be harsh, making arrangements to keep yourself warm is essential. Fortunately, you can be warm and comfortable without going overboard with the underfloor heating cost.

Here are some budget-friendly ways to stay warm this winter.

Check if your boiler needs servicing 

We tend to forget about servicing the boiler once winters subside. If the boiler is old or clean, it will work more efficiently than it is. This will ultimately impact the underfloor heating cost significantly. Experts suggest that you must get boiler services every 12 months.

Insulate your home better 

Your home must have good insulation to prevent heat from escaping. You can invest in adding more layers to your home to keep it warm. If your home lacks enough insulation, you can create a room using soft furnishings such as bedspreads and weighted blankets to capture heat. This way, you can keep yourself warm without totting up energy bills.


Image Source: Create Room

Heat your home intelligently 

During winter, the temperature drops sharply at night. An intelligent way to keep yourself warm during the night is to heat all the rooms during the day. As the temperature is warmer during the day, keeping the rooms warm till night is energy-efficient. If your rooms don’t have proper heating arrangements, you should arrange for them before winter. The underfloor heating cost during the off-season is cheaper.

Wear warm clothes 

This seems an obvious choice, but most people wear a single thick piece of clothing to keep themselves warm. That’s not as efficient as wearing multiple layers to keep yourself warm. Thermal vests and long-sleeve tops under wool or fleecy fabric will keep you warmer more effectively. Also, get a good pair of warm slippers and club them with socks to keep your feet warm. It will prevent your body temperature from dropping.

Rearrange the furniture 

If the furniture obstructs the radiator, it will significantly impact the room’s temperature. It would help if you rearranged your room furniture to create room for heat to flow through. The trick is to keep furniture like a bed and sofa close enough to the radiator that you can feel the warmth and sit or lie down comfortably, but there is still space for heat to circulate. Keep your bed or lounge close to windows and doors. The cold air will make you feel a draught.

Reach out of you need help with energy bills 

The government has made arrangements for people claiming benefits like Income Support, Pension Credit, Income-related Employment and Support Allowance to keep their energy bills down. Some of the essential schemes you must know about: 

Warm Home Discount scheme by the UK government is available for people with low income or receiving benefits. 

Winter fuel payment is available for senior citizens born before 26th September 1956 to receive support to pay their energy bills.

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Cold Weather payment offers people in England and Wales energy bill concessions if there is an extended period of freezing weather.

Altogether, it’s on your smartness and fiscal condition, but these tips can help keep you warm this winter.

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