Amazing Bedroom Accent Wall Ideas That Will Add Character To Your Space

Are you looking to add a big impact to your bedroom style? An accent wall can elevate your space with lots of character. From colourful walls to decorating decals – this article will inspire your next project to help you design your accent wall in your bedroom.

Wallpaper bedroom accent wall ideas

Wallpapering one wall in your bedroom is a super quick and transitional way to add instant character to your space. These days, it’s really simple to mix it up from time to time using stick-and-peel wallpaper. Also, with so many different designs and styles on the market, you’re spoilt for choice.

Here are some of our favourite wallpaper bedroom accent wall ideas:

Wallpaper against beams for a country bedroom look

wallpaper accent wall in bedroom in a country style home

Image by @charlottegaisford on Instagram

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If you have a cottage or country home with beams on the walls and ceilings, why not compliment your space with wallpaper? By using a subtle colour scheme and a repeated pattern that is relaxing on the eye, you can create a really lovely accent wall in your bedroom that brings out the traditional features of your home. We love what Charlotte has done in the photo above, you can see that the country aesthetic is enhanced with a subtle white and black wallpaper that adds texture without being overpowering.

Wallpaper and tall headboard accent wall

wallpaper and headboard bedroom accent wall ideas

Image by @lifeatnumber_.10 on Instagram

A large headboard can function beautifully as an accent wall, its size commands attention, instantly becoming the focal point of the room. This draws the eye and creates a sense of balance and symmetry within the space, adding a touch of drama and elegance. Moreover, a substantial headboard offers an excellent opportunity to introduce color, texture, and pattern to the bedroom’s design. Whether it’s upholstered in a rich fabric, it can also break up the wall to add visual interest.

Combining wallpaper against a large headboard can work wonders in layering patterns and textures to create a stunning bedroom accent wall. Take notes of the bedroom design above, where the monochrome wallpaper offsets the dusty pink bed for a lovely neutral bedroom look.

Panelling bedroom accent wall ideas

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Wall panelling is a popular accent wall trend that takes on many different styles. From traditional Victorian panelling to modern shaker panelling to slated panelling that is contemporary and versatile. If you’re thinking about adding panelling as an accent wall in your bedroom, why not check out our wall panelling ideas by room page?

Slat panelling can add height to your accent wall

slat wall panelling accent wall in bedroom modern

Image by @the_robinsonfamily_abode on Instagram

Slat panelling is a great accent wall feature in the bedroom as it can make your room appear taller, which makes it feel more open and spacious. If you love the neutral decor look, keep your slat panels natural for a calming look. We love this design above, which shows how a simple slat accent wall can add visual interest and harmony to the space. It also works well with the bedframe to prevent the space from looking closed in.

Painted bedroom accent wall ideas

Painting an accent wall in your bedroom can be done in many ways. Whether it’s a bold colour to make your space pop, or a darker colour to add mood into the room. There are other ways that you can add character to your accent wall with paint too, such as painting your own mural or painting shapes to add pattern on your walls.

Pink bedroom accent wall idea

painted pink bedroom accent wall ideas

Image by @home_n_tidy_with_heidi_ on Instagram

Add a splash of colour to your bedroom with pink painted shapes on your wall. This technique is fantastic in adding character and unique style to your space. Whether it’s circles, waves, lines clouds, organic shapes, or painted shapes can really add a sense of fun and adventure into your space. We love what Heidi has done with this fantastic pink bedroom. By using shales, that play off of the decor in the room, the look comes together to create a fun atmosphere that makes you look at every detail.

Gallery accent wall for bedrooms

Adding artwork above your bed is a great way to add character to your bedroom. Personalise your space with artwork, travel photos or your own creations to add visual interest, colour and depth to your bedroom accent wall.

gallery wall above bed in a pink bedroom

If you have a colourful bedroom, consider adding black and white artwork on your accent wall to break up the colour in the room and add harmony.

neutral bedroom accent wall ideas

For a neutral bedroom, add modern and abstract artwork that reflects the decor of the room. Like the example above, where a large centrepiece artwork reflects the colours and shapes of the furnishings.

Bedroom mirror accent wall idea

Mirrors are fab in bedrooms for so many reasons. They are great for making small rooms feel bigger, and brighter and are perfect for getting ready! If you love lots of mirrors in your space, consider using decorative mirrors as an accent wall. Think of large vintage and ornate framed mirrors that span the length of your wall for a dramatic effect. Alternatively, you could mix and match framed mirrors and artwork for a maximalist aesthetic.

vintage and eclectic bedroom accent wall idea using mirrors

If you love a modern and neutral bedroom look, choose a simple mirror to go above your bed that has simple detailing, but can still over plenty of style for your space.

mirror bedroom accent wall

Boho bedroom accent wall idea

Covering your wall with tapestry is a fun way to add texture to a boho bedroom. With many styles on the market in various colours, you can find many designs that suit your room’s colour and vibe. If you’ve got a neutral space that you’re looking to add boho flare to, adding tapestry is an instant way to incorporate pattern, and to create a fun bedroom accent wall.

boho tapestry bedroom wall accent idea

Another great accent wall feature for a boho bedroom is open shelving. Choose rustic wooden floating shelves and dress them with draped plants, artworks, books and candles for an aesthetically pleasing accent wall.

boho bedroom accent wall with open shelving

Rustic brick accent wall for bedrooms

Bring in the rustic charm with a brick accent wall to your bedroom. A brick wall works with many styles, such as a country or cottage home, industrial and modern style home. Depending on your preference, compliment a brick accent wall with furnishings and decor to match the aesthetic you are looking to achieve. Below is an example of a modern industrial bedroom with a brick accent wall, which infuses lots of materials, from marble to metallics for a modern look.

brick accent wall idea for the bedroom

🏠Marvellous wall mural transformation

We interview Cherry, from @cherry_at_home on her recent bedroom transformation using a wallpaper mural to completely overhaul a neutral bedroom into a tropical oasis!

Read the interview below, which covers what mural she used, her design style and advice and tips on doing this transformation yourself!

About Cherry

“I’m a 30-something solo buyer trying to create my own cosy home. I’ve taken someone else’s neural space and am slowing adding colour, pattern and lots of plants!”

What inspired your decision for the mural?

“I painted the guest room in a simple neutral (a mistake though I liked the colour!) when I first moved in, in 2020 suddenly I was spending all my time in the room as it also became my home office. I’ve wanted to redecorate for a while and had my eye on wallpapering the whole room. When Hovia got in touch, I was instantly drawn to the Redoute mural and the impact it would create in the room; it also contains my key colours – pink, mustard & teal.” 

Cherry’s interior style

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“I love lots of different styles and my taste changes based on the style, setting and age of a property. Typically it will involve colour & clashing patterns – I’m not a coordinated person!”

Watch the video transformation below!

tropical wall mural transformation bedroom
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Before & after

“It was a cold room and very simple, now it looks warmer and cosier but also bigger.”

Where is the wallpaper from?

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Hovia – they have a wonderful selection of wallpapers and murals. I was really lucky that they were happy to work with me on a mural to run around the whole room rather than a feature wall.”

Hovia wallpaper mural floral leaf design in bedroom

What tools did you need to do the walls?

“A tape measure and (large) spirit level to find your straight drops (even a relatively new building doesn’t have straight walls!), a large brush to paste the walls, a wallpaper brush to smooth out any bubbles as you hang the paper.”

How long did it take?

“I’m lucky that my mum is a good decorator and helped me – it took her about 4 days but I’m sure someone more experienced could do it quicker.”

What advice can you offer someone looking to have a wall mural in their bedroom?

“The mural is scaled to fit your walls so remember it won’t look exactly like the sample you have. Be confident in your choice and don’t shy away from a bold design – trust your gut!”

What interior trends are you loving at the moment?

“Stripes – they never go out of fashion, maximalism, bold kitchens!”

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