How to add industrial style to your home: 6 actionable ways!

Industrial decor style has gained popularity in recent years and it’s no wonder why. It combines a utilitarian, raw aesthetic with a functional design. Industrial style is all about highlighting the beauty in the rough and unfinished, creating an industrial look that is both stylish and comfortable. In our blog post, we will explore what industrial decor style is and how you can add it to your home.

What is industrial decor style?

The industrial decor style is all about incorporating industrial materials and design elements into your home. This style draws inspiration from old factories, warehouses, and industrial spaces. It celebrates raw and natural elements, such as exposed brick, concrete, metal, and wood, while also emphasizing the importance of function and practicality.

One of the defining features of industrial decor style is the use of metal. From exposed pipes to metal light fixtures, this style incorporates metal in various ways to create an industrial look. Additionally, industrial decor often uses a neutral color palette, with shades of grey, brown, and black dominating the design.

How can I add an industrial decor style to my home?

If you are interested in adding an industrial decor style to your home, there are several things you can do. Examples are incorporating metal into your space, and exposed materials such as brick wall features, as well as functional furnishings using industrial materials and vintage decor. See below for a few ways in which you can incorporate these elements into your home.

1. Incorporate metal

Metal is an essential element of industrial decor. You can add metal through furniture, light fixtures, and decor items. Consider adding a metal coffee table, pendant lights, or a metal bookcase.

industrial home decor ideas - industrial kitchen

Image by uses metal pendant lighting with a glass feature which is a great way to mix and match industrial decor that adds more elements of natural material into the space. Furthermore, we love the small details in this kitchen, like the metal chair legs against the teddy fleece texture for a soft and warm look with a subtle industrial style.


Image by @my.millennium.masion uses metal pendant lighting over the kitchen island to add a hint of industrial style to a modern and sleek kitchen. Matching the lighting to the cabinet handles and tap fixture makes the space feel brighter and airy with the reflective elements.

2. Use industrial materials

Industrial materials, such as concrete, brick, and reclaimed wood, are also key elements of this style. Consider incorporating these materials in your flooring, walls, or furniture.


3. Embrace exposed elements

One of the defining features of industrial decor style is the use of exposed elements. Consider leaving your pipes or ductwork exposed, or highlighting your brick or concrete walls.


Image by @welcome_to_no.1 uses an exposed brick wall to bring industrial charm into an ultra-modern space, with framed artwork and panelling to bring various interior elements together for a warm homely look.

4. Choose functional furniture

Industrial decor is all about function and practicality. Choose furniture that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Look for pieces that are made from industrial materials and have a utilitarian look.


Image by @the_berkshire_bungalow uses an industrial-inspired bookcase with wood shelving and a black metal frame for a modern look to the kitchen. Style an industrial bookshelf with plants and colourful accessories to warm up the space.

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5. Create a neutral color scheme

Industrial decor often incorporates a neutral color palette. Consider painting your walls in shades of grey, beige, or brown, and adding pops of color through decor items.


6. Add vintage decor

Vintage or antique items can add character and charm to your industrial decor. Consider adding a vintage metal sign or an old factory cart to your space.


In conclusion, the industrial decor style is a versatile and stylish design choice for any home. By incorporating metal, industrial materials, exposed elements, functional furniture, a neutral color scheme, and vintage decor, you can easily create an industrial look in your home. With these tips, you can turn your home into a beautiful industrial-inspired space.

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