Best maximalist and eclectic interior design ideas

best maximalist decor ideas for your living room

By Leanne

🎨Leave no surface undecorated with these wonderful whimsical decor ideas

Maximalist decor and interior design are about getting the most out of your space possible. Using furnishings, accessories and colour, a maximalist home or room uses these to adorn the area with little to no space left empty. A maximalist loves to fill every corner with character and personality and typically doesn’t tend to be clutter-free.

Explore beautiful decor ideas below to discover how you can style your home with eclectic flare.

maximalist decor ideas for your kitchen
Maximalist kitchen idea by Prettypocketprojects

Leave no surface untouched when it comes to maximising on your decor and interior style. We love this bright and busy kitchen design that infuses the 90s with neon colours and bold patterns for a retro kitchen style.

“My tips for a maximalist home are to fill it with things you love and decorate it in a way that makes you happy. Add layers of colour, texture, objects and patterns and never fear taking a risk! Basically be bold and throw out the rule book – it’s your space and more is always more!”


Add vintage decor for a unique character in your maximalist home

maximalist decor ideas
Vintage maximalist by Hausplanthoney

Love neutral interiors? Infuse maximalist style with a neutral colour scheme like this vintage-infused reading corner. A great way to maximize on your space is to fill your walls with artwork to express your unique style and personality. 

Tip: use different shapes and sizes when it comes to framing your artwork to make your walls busy.

best maximalist decor ideas for your living room - whimsical decor
Cozy orange maximalist decor idea by Ellashausofcolour

Take inspiration from this cozy orange lounge that plays with layers of colour and texture and effortlessly blends decor elements into the primary colour scheme. If you’re not sure where to start, firstly choose one or two colours that you really want in your living room. Then you can start to incorporate similar shades to layer your space with maximalist decor.

Layer your living room with various textured furnishings for a maximalist space

best maximalist decor ideas for your living room
Eclectic country home idea by Catwalktocowpat

Having a country style home can still be styled with maximalist decor and this cute and cozy lounge is the perfect example. Carefully arrange your decor and accessories across the room to fill vacant surfaces to really get the most out of your space. From coffee table books and trays, to fireplace accessories – the opportunities are endless.

pink maximalist kitchen
Maximalist pastel kitchen idea by Sorbet_dreams_by_reka

Pastels are a great way to add colour to a space without overpowering it. If you’re thinking about having a maximalist kitchen space, why not consider a pastel colour palette? We love this design that features a unique backsplash and a statement dining setup. 

best maximalist dining room idea
Maximalist Victorian dining room by

Inspired by Victorian home style? Vintage decor and maximalist interiors go hand in hand. From busy prints to grand lighting fixtures and cozy fireplaces. We love this grand dining room that layers prints and textures with an orange colour scheme and no bare walls in sight.

maximalist living room ideas
Dark maximalist interior style by Couthyhome

Dark interiors are perfect for maximalist and eclectic interior styles to give your space that warm and cozy feel. To style a dark room, make sure you have plenty of warm lighting with lamps and candles to set the tone. Combine with patterned rugs, velvet furniture and leafy plants for a super cozy, eclectic home.

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best maximalist decor ideas for your kitchen
Colourful maximalist kitchen design by Indigoleopardhome

Bring colour into your kitchen by sprucing up your dining space with a fun colour palette and unique decor finds such as rugs and pendant lights. We love this blue open-plan dining space that leads to the kitchen in a bold and full-of-character way. Furthermore, keeping your ceilings neutral can create a striking contrast against maximalist decor interiors.

best maximalist decor idea for your fireplace
Colourful fireplace by myhomeovertherainbow

Maximising on your space doesn’t have to mean overspending. The beauty of a maximalist home is finding unique decor that can be presented or up-cycled.

I am all about budget when I make over a room. Like my fire place which cost me ÂŁ5.00. Try carboots, ebay the market place.upcycle gives my room a personal touch and stops new builds looking to boxy. Don’t be afraid to add colour to your home it lifts your mood and makes you cheerful.

best maximalist decor ideas for your bathroom
Bright and sunny maximalist bathroom idea by ellasorangefridge

Give your bathroom a complete overhaul by adding simple colour changes, like painting your bathtub, adding textures rugs and plenty of florals.

We can’t get over this gorgeous stained glass window that takes centre stage and really sets the colour scheme of the room allowing for fun shades to creep into the space like orange, purple and green.

Maximalist in your home office

If you’re seeking to transform your office space, consider exploring a range of unique office furniture that can infuse your workspace with the same dynamic energy and maximalist flair that you’ve brought to your home. Remember, maximalism knows no bounds, and your office environment can be just as exuberantly curated as the rest of your living spaces.


Eclectic decor is a fab way to add character and depth to any area of your home, from your kitchen and living room to your bedroom and bathroom.

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