How to style a pink couch in a living room

Pink is your best friend when it comes to statement couches

Dare to go pink with our living room ideas that show you how to style a pink couch with ease. We’ve virtually couch surfed our top ideas from home owners that have taken the plunge to go bright and bold in their living room.

See our best pink couch living room ideas below.

Dusty pink couch in a neutral living room

Dusty pink couch in a neutral living room. Image by Barij

Neutral living rooms can still have plenty of colour and what better way than to add a dusty pink couch to a neutral living space. Not only does a pink couch make the space pop but it also adds warmth to offset the neutral colour palette.

Hot pink couch in a bright living room

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Hot pink corner sofa and a bright living room. Image by Bohofrisco

Layer up a bright living room with a hot pink couch for a statement look. We love this playful layout that cleverly styles the lower part of the lounge to add a bold contrast that draws the eyes up to make the space feel more open. 

Get the look:

Sofa – IKEA 

Pink couch in a cream living room

Brighten up a cream living room with a velvet pink sofa. Image by Noonys_home

Warm up a cream or white living room with a velvet pink couch that will add a touch of luxury to your space. Warm up your couch with textured cushions to bring in the other style elements of the room to your sitting space.

Get the look:

Sofa – DFS

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Pastel pink sofa for a cozy living room style

Bring in the curves to your lounge with a bubble sofa. Image by Reserve_home

Love a room full of character? Opt for a bubble sofa in a warming pastel pink to add instant uniqueness to your lounge. These sofas are perfect for living rooms with minimalist style and a neutral colour scheme.

Combining clean corners and lines with soft curved furnishings can tone down square or sharp room layouts.

Style Your Sanctuary

Pink sofa for a vintage style living room 

Gorgeous vintage living room design with pink sofa by Stermoow

Add the finishing touch to a vintage inspired living room with a washed out pink sofa with velvet finish for an opulent look. Continue the look by adding plush cushions and textured rugs and throws to complete the look. 

Separate your open plan kitchen and lounge with a hot pink couch

Separate your kitchen and lounge with a bright pink sofa. Image by Mrs_K_at_the_bridge

A fun way to split your open plan kitchen and lounge is to add statement furnishings to act as room dividers. We love this green cottage style kitchen that has been spruced up with a vibrant hot pink sofa to create a fun and warm lounge space.

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