Benefits of Salt Lamps

Are you thinking of investing in a salt lamp? There are so many reasons why these natural lamps are beneficial to your home. Not only are they pretty to look at, there’s a wealth of health benefits to consider too. 

Carved from Himalayan rock salt, which is rich in minerals, then hollowed out to place the light bulb inside, salt lamps give off a warm orange glow. Depending on the bulb used, the lamp can become a source of heat too, and adds a real sense of zen to any room. 

Known to relax the mind and body, read below to discover the top benefits of having a salt lamp in your room. 

What are the benefits of salt lamps?

It is believed that salt lamps offer a number of health benefits due to the salt being a natural ionizer, which basically means that it can change the electrical charge in the air. It isn’t fully proven that salt lamps produce enough ions in the air, however, salt lamps do offer a relaxing alternative to your standard lamp.

Other examples of natural forms that alter the air include waterfalls, storms and heat. 

Salt Lamps Improve Air Quality

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Considered to improve the quality of the air, salt lamps are often purchased by those with allergies, asthma and respiratory problems. Although there is no exact evidence of improving these health issues by salt lamps alone. Health conditions such as the above are improved when enjoying therapy in salt caves, due to the presence of salt in the air. 

Salt Lamps Are Mood Boosters

As salt lamps offer negative ions, when the lamp heats the salt, it takes positive ions from the air and releases the negative ions. Negative ions are known to create feelings of euphoria. It is not yet confirmed the volume of negative ions a salt lamp gives off, but one thing for sure is that the warm glow it diffuses creates a calming ambience. 

Inspired to get a salt lamp? Here are some of our top picks on the web:

Supersize Himalayan Salt Lamp – £29.99

Whether it’s your first salt lamp purchase or your 5th, this supersized 12-15kg salt lamp is a great way to furnish space in your bedroom or living room, not to mention the amazing light source it will bring. Shop it here.

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Moon Shaped Salt Lamp – £28

Adorn your home with a natural salt lamp in the shape of a moon thanks to this gorgeous salt lamp by Urban Outfitters. Just 12-15cm in height, this salt lamp is a lovely addition to your bedside table to set the ambience at night. Shop it here.


Hand Carved Salt Lamp – £16

For an authentic salt lamp experience, opt for this traditional lamp from Etsy, which comes with a dimmer function so that you can control the lighting. Shop it here.


Salt Lamp Crystals – £28.14

For a contemporary approach, this modern crystal salt stone lamp by New Chic has some pretty cool features. With an LED light inside, you can change the colours of your lamp to suit your mood! Shop it here.


Salt Lamp Bowl – £27.99

This bowl shaped salt lamp provides style as well as substance, with removable salt stone, which lights up when the lamp is plugged in. Shop is here.

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