Best indoor plants for health benefits

Your home is your sanctuary and one way to add zen and goodness into your home is to flourish it with indoor house plants, which allows the outdoors to come into your home. We all know that going for walks in the countryside or in parks have health benefits, but did you know that you can bring the goodness of the outdoors into every single room in your home? We break down the amazing health and wellbeing benefits of indoor house plants that will thrive in your home and make you feel good from the inside and out. Read below for our guide on the best indoor plants for your home and health.


Why indoor plants are good for the home

There are a number of benefits why indoor plants are good for the home, from boosting your health and wellbeing, to even contributing to your health physically – not to mention indoor plants are great to purify the air in your home.

Substances from furnishings, cleaning products and paint all contribute to indoor pollution, which can effect your health in many ways, such as headaches, dry skin, chest tightness and fatigue. Of course, we all know that from time to time we should open our windows – but that’s not always a solution in the cold months or when pollen is high if you suffer from hay fever.

Main benefits of indoor plants:

• Boosts your mood, production and creativity

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• Can help reduce fatigue, stress and even sore throats and colds

• Absorbs toxins and humidity while producing oxygen

• Helps you get in touch with nature if you live in an urban jungle

• Rooms with plants tend to have less dust and mould

Now you know the amazing benefits of having indoor plants in your home. Read below to discover some of the incredible individual benefits of different plant types to decide how to perfectly equip your home with your new plant buddy.

Spider plant

The spider plant is a good all rounder plant, not only is it non toxic to animals and humans, the spider plant oozes out oxygen whilst absorbing the nasty stuff like carbon monoxide, formaldehyde and xylene. The spider plant can also boost the room humidity by 5% – how impressive is that?

Dracaena plant

Not only do these palm-like plants give your home a tropical look, but the bounty of benefits that this plant will give to your health is remarkable. It’s one of the most sought after indoor plants because it’s one of the most effective house plants that purify the air. Not only that, Dracaena boosts your mood too. It’s been studied by psychologists that the Dracaena increases feelings of relaxation, calm and optimism for an all-round wellbeing boost!

Golden pothos plant

Ideal for rooms that don’t let much light in, golden pothos plants can grow without much maintenance, which is an ideal indoor plant for beginners. One of the big benefits of having a golden pothos plant is that it purifies the air and increases the humidity in your home. Room humidity is important to protect you from colds and viruses as they can’t be transmitted in moist air – it also helps with dry skin too as an added bonus.

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