Things to consider when Planning a Home Renovation – house renovation checklist

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Are you looking forward to renovating your home? Planning a home renovation is one of the most exciting prospects for any owner, but it’s also a process that requires quite a bit of planning. After all, you might know you can find window solutions in Rocburn or new drapes at your favourite mall, but there are many things to consider in a renovation before the aesthetics even come into play.

That’s why we have compiled a checklist to take a look at a few things you should consider before committing to a home renovation, so you can make sure everything is in place for your future plans.

Budget, always remember your budget

You might have heard this before, but it bears repeating: You really need to have a clear budget before you can start a renovation. Renovations can be long and aren’t cheap by definition, and starting your project without a clear budget in mind is a great way to go overboard on your expenses. Many renovations have to be halted because the costs exceed what the client has in hand, and this is the worst possible result for everybody involved.

Renovation can be long, all materials cost and so does the labour. Now, this doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to renovate a home, far from it. But you must have a clear grasp of how much you are willing to spend and a realistic idea of how much something costs, especially if you’re looking for a house renovation in London, which can be costly (but will also add huge value to your home). If you want to modernize your windows you need to know how much window openers cost, if you want a new floor you need to consider the cost of each tile. It all comes to being properly prepared and researched.

Focus on the functional aspects first

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While it can be easy to get lost in how you want your home to look, you must make a checklist of all the functional repairs it’ll need first. After all, a new coat of paint won’t do much if your walls are cracked or chipped right? That’s why today we’ll be listing some of the main things every homeowner should check before renovating:

1. Drainage: It’s easy to forget your drainage system during a renovation, but it’s one of the most important considerations, especially for older houses. A broken pipe is never a welcome sight, and a renovation offers the best opportunity to solve these issues ahead of time. So consider opting for a CCTV drain survey in London, that way you’ll be able to check on the state of your pipes.

2. Walls: Walls crack with time, it’s unavoidable. But you need to go over your walls to see the locations and intensity of said cracks. Small cracks can easily be fixed by most painters, but deeper ones could be the sign of a structural problem and that’s something you need to prioritize.

3. Insulation: The change of seasons can be taxing on everybody, so you should make sure to review if your house is properly insulated. If a particular season is straining you then this is the perfect moment to consider new insulation solutions and make sure your home is truly comfortable at all times.

These are some of the main things to consider before renovating your home, anything with a functional purpose should be checked and considered before moving into the aesthetic changes. That way you’ll be able to improve your quality of life first and build up from there.

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