Emily & Chris’ amazing bedroom transformation

See what happens when a 3 bed house turns into 4 bed with master en-suite

Our interior highlight of the week is from @makingahomeat101 by Emily and Chris, that have transformed their 3 bed semi detached home into a 4 bed property by extending over the garage.

Image source: @makingahomeat101

With a neutral palette and an eye for space, we interview Emily and Chris below to hear all about planning and finishing their beautiful en-suite master bedroom. 

The plan

“We purchased the house as a 3 bed semi but had planned to do an extension over the garage to get a 4th bedroom with en-suite that will be the master bedroom.”

“It meant that we were starting completely from scratch, which was great as we could pick where we wanted everything to go.”

Emily and Chris built their master bedroom as an extension above their garage. Image source: @makingahomeat101

Designing the layout 

“Once the extension was built and we could start to physically see a room and stand in it we started to section out how big the bedroom would be, plan sockets and also space plan where the bed will go, as well as the wardrobes to give us an idea of where everything would fit.” 

“I was able to use some CAD/3D designing software to space plan the room using the furniture that we ideally want in the bedroom. We used masking tape to outline where each price of furniture would go on the floor before the carpet was laid. This helped give us an idea of the space we were working with as we didn’t want the furniture to dominate the bedroom – or to order the wrong size furniture!”

“This was great as we saw the room from its bare bones all the way to completion, which made us really appreciate the difference.”

Image source: @makingahomeat101

How long was the bedroom transformation? 

“In total it took a couple of months from when the room was plastered, so we could get the painting done, order furniture and the bed all in time for delivery.”

The big reveal…

Image source: @makingahomeat101
Beautiful details

“There are still a few things I would like to do, like add some voile curtains to the window and also I’m contemplating on panelling behind the bed.”

“We love the bedroom transformation as it is for now so that may be a project for the future!”

The best part of the transformation 

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“Planning was my favourite part, getting on Pinterest for inspiration, creating a look board and also space planning and marking out where the furniture would go to visualise how it’s all going to look.”


Favourite part of the master bedroom

“My favourite part is the bed, I love being able to style it with scatter cushions and getting new bedding to be able to change the way the room looks and feels.

Stunning master bedroom transformation

Advice for renovating a master bedroom en-suite extension

“I would say get as many samples of paint, fabrics and furniture as you can and create a bit of a look board for what it is you want to achieve. It helped me physically see the colours and tones together before making final choices.”

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What interior style or trends are you loving right now? 

“There’s so many it’s hard to choose. I’m still very much on the wall panelling trend. I really want to introduce it somewhere in my house.”

“I also love the use of bold, earthy colours for accent walls or accessories in a space. It creates a statement without being too daring and by pairing it with a softer, more neutral palette makes it a lot more homely and complimentary. “

“Anything from H&M Home is just amazing, if I could have everything I would!”

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