Contemporary colours that go well in a grey bedroom – Ideas with images

Just add a dash of colour…

Glam up your grey bedroom with our list of the best colours that go well with grey walls and bedding. From dusty pink to warming neutrals, our ideas below will help you decide on how to decorate your grey bedroom.

1. Match pink and grey together for a feminine look

Image source @mypinkfloralhome

Add a touch of feminine flare to your bedroom space by furnishing it with pink fabrics. Choose a soft pastel pink to match with grey to keep your room cozy and easy on the eye. We love what mypinkfloralhome has done with accessorising her grey bedroom with blush pink cushions, throws, rugs and matching armchair for added comfort.

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2. Grey and white is great for a minimalist bedroom

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Image source @kml.interiors_

Do you love a clean and fresh looking bedroom? Grey and white are the perfect colours for a minimal spaces as white evokes the feeling of cleanliness and grey draws in the warmth.

When designing your minimalist bedroom, stick to clean lines and clever storage ideas like floating shelves and multi functioning areas like this work and sleep layout by kml.interiors_.

3. Brighten up a grey bedroom with yellow decor

Image source @a_leopard_in_every_room

If you are looking to brighten up your grey bedroom but you are unsure which colour to add to your space, why not try yellow? Used as a colour to express happiness and joy, yellow works really well with grey as both colours contrast together by toning and adding warmth to the space.

Have fun with yellow and grey interiors for your bedroom like this design by a_leopard_in_every_room. We love the bold accessories like the velvet armchair and art work that creates a statement look that is easy on the eye.

4. Soften your grey bedroom by including pastel decor

Image source @chloghome

Looking to add a pop of colour to your grey bedroom? Pastel hues are great for accessorising your space without looking garish! From dusty rose pink to sunshine yellow decor, chloghome shows us above how to add layers of colour to a light grey bedroom.

Top tip: when mixing grey with pastels in your bedroom, use white as a break up colour to add contrast and structure to your interiors for a bold look.

5. Warm up your grey bedroom with neutrals for a bohemian look

Image source @paulinesimpkin6

Using a neutral colour scheme in your bedroom will give your space a timeless and classic look that will never go out of date. We love what paulinesimpkin6 has done with their bedroom by combining soft grey and earthy colours for a toned down interior that exudes with comfort and coziness.

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