How to use Dulux Natural Hessian in Your Home

Wondering if you should go natural? These ideas might change your mind…

Natural Hessian in the living room 

Create a cozy living room space with Natural Hessian, a subtle hue that can be used on all your walls for a neutral canvas. 

Use on your media wall for a neutral canvas

dulux natural hessian in the living room with fireplace
Living room using Natural Hessian by @hughesyhome

Give your media wall a fresh look using Natural Hessian, which is the perfect neutral for a modern home. We love how this has been styled with white furnishings for a modern living room. 

Natural Hessian in the dining room 

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Using Dulux Natural Hessian in your dining room can create a serene and neutral space to invite colour and natural textures like wood for a cohesive dining area. 

Pair with plaid for a traditional look

dulux natural hessian in the dining room
Dining room using Natural Hessian by @housetoahome19

Combine the creamy hue of Natural Hessian with similar textures in your dining room for a cohesive look, like in the design above. Incorporating patterns in the space, such as plaid can subtly introduce a secondary colour, like burgundy or red to give the neutral colour some contrast and interest.  

dulux natural hessian in the kitchen and dining room
Kitchen and diner using Natural Hessian by @tashas_life_in_a_downham

Soften a white kitchen with Dulux Natural Hessian, which will warm your space while keeping it fresh. This colour works well with white cabinets and grey decor for a soft and neutral scheme.

Natural Hessian in the hallway 

This neutral colour is perfect for your hallway, to create a soft entrance to your home and acts as a lovely colour to connect to each room in your home. 

Work it with white for an airy look 

dulux natural hessian in a hallway
Hallway using Natural Hessian by @aliceoliviagram

Create a welcoming entrance using Natural Hessian as your canvas. This creamy colour can be paired with white to make the space feel open and fresh, and dark accents such as grey carpet and black accents to build contrast and border your hallway. 

Natural Hessian in the kitchen

dulux natural hessian in the kitchen

Whether you’re looking for a neutral scheme or a bright space, this colour can serve as a base for your kitchen walls and enhance your cabinet colour. 
This kitchen uses Natural Hessian and enhances the grey cabinets that become the space’s focal point. Pair with wood and floating shelves for an ultra-modern look. 

Natural Hessian in the bathroom

dulux natural hessian in the bathroom

Style your bathroom with a fresh interior using Dulux Natural Hessian, which will go perfectly with white or cream bathroom fixtures for a clean and spa-like look.

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