Should external and interior door knobs be the same?


Door handles come in different shapes and sizes, there are various different styles to suit your door or room. Your house’s door handles do not have to match; you can have any door knobs for bedrooms as long as they match each other and to provide an elegant sleek style.

Door handles can be widely overlooked but they can easily pop out if they don’t blend with your home theme, they can stand out a lot if they don’t match properly.

Can you mix door handles and knobs:

Yes , you can mix your doors but you have to think about if they will match the interior of your home to make sure they dont stand out. This will ensure the door knobs do not interfere with each other. An example of this would be if you have a rustic farm-house interior design having a modern sleek black door handle will look out of place and will not match.

You should also consider that having too many miss-match interior door handles could make your home feel messy. You need to create a balance, having too many matching ones might not feel very homely if everything’s the same but having too many of the same can feel very chaotic like there is too much happening. Also another thing to think about is the cost of door handles buying too many different handles can become expensive and unnecessary, buying matching sets can lower the cost and give you more of an option. There are many different sizes, styles, and doors to match your handles with, however you need to make sure that your door handles are matching the room for example the handles need to be matching with the cabinets and draw knobs or it might look out of place.

Matching the House:

Grey door with silver handles match the exterior beautifully. Image by ourlifeatbriars via Instagram

Having matching exterior and interior door handles is very important for the look of your house, they need to match your house or room theme because they can look very odd if they don’t. For example having a rustic theme house or bedroom means you can’t use a modern grey hande as it will stand out and look out of place.  

You should try to choose a door handle that will allow you to be more decorative with your house without losing the whole theme of it. You can use them as a representation of your overall house theme of your design. 

Should you clean doorknobs:

Over time door handles will become worn down and dirty, there is no way to prevent this but you can solve this problem quite easily.  Door handles can become tarnished which is the by-product of not being maintained properly, when they start to look dirty and old it can become very noticeable and ruin the whole aesthetic of the house this is why it is important to clean them. 

When someone walks into a home, the door handle is usually the first thing they notice, if you are not cleaning them regularly it can destroy first impressions on people because if it looks dirty and unpleasant. It is very easy to clean them with a damp cloth and some soap, cleaning them monthly can prevent them from looking dirty and old and allow them to look more shiny, new and fresh.

Matching room:

It’s important to make sure your door handles are matching all your different rooms, for example a bedroom and a bathroom will have completely different styles and textures to the room. A bedroom is usually more rustic and cosy and a bathroom is usually modern and with bright colours. The handles need to match neutral and bright colours as all rooms in the house will be different colours and themes.

Usually a bathroom is the smallest space in your house, this is why they usually have bright and glossy colours to make them more open and spacious. Having dark and dull colours in the bathroom will make it feel small and less homely and difficult to match the handles in your home. This is why you need to make sure your interior door handles match throughout your house and not just for one room as it will look out of place with the rest of your decor.

Match your outdoor decor with your door and handles for an aesthetically pleasing entrance. Image by fromcatterytohome via Instagram

Matching the Door:

The door and its handle can have a big impact on the room, having the right door handle will make sure your room keeps its theme and style as it will look out of place if your room is filled with neutral colours such as white and greys and the door handle is dark and dull. Its best to have a white door as it can affect your room and it needs to match the rest of your house like the hallway, flooring and walls. If your door and the handle is dark coloured it can make your house look chaotic and unbalanced. 

Thinking about new door handles or knobs?

If you are restyling it is important to think about the impact a door handle can have on your surroundings. It’s also important that you think about the time and effort it is to actually install a new one and the impacts on your interior design. However as long as you are aware of these factors and choose your door knobs wisely they can all add a great feel and look to your home.

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