6 Best Bedroom LED Lighting Ideas You Can’t Miss!

Bright ideas to create an ambient bedroom…

led lighting in bedroom for a cozy ambiance

If you are planning a new look for your bedroom, it’s time to do something creative and brighter. Giving a new look doesn’t mean stuffing heavy and expensive things in your room.

Rather you can give an open and calming effect to your room by minimizing the number of unnecessary objects and adding more brightness in your bedroom.

Using LED strip lights to decorate multiple places in your bedroom can give you amazing results for such a simple upgrade. Here are some useful tips we want to share with you to decorate your bedroom with LED lights.

Ways to add LED lighting in bedrooms

1. Under the Shelves or Wardrobes

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You can add LED strip lights under your bookshelves to give your shelving a glowy effect and create a mesmerizing aura in your bedroom. Additionally, it can act as a reading light.

Similarly, adding light strips in your wardrobe helps you to find your clothes even at night. Task lighting helps you to perform the activity without brightening up the whole space.

led lighting in wardrobe

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2. Under the Bed LED lighting

You can add LED lighting for under the bed to give your room a cozy feel. It gives a stylish look to your bedroom and also helps you to find your slippers without having a glare of light in your eyes. Additionally, it can make your bedroom feel ambient whilst watching a movie, if you don’t like harsh lamp lighting.

led lighting i bedrooms under the bed
square led mirror for bathroom touch screen

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3. Behind Computer and TV Screens

If you love to enjoy a late-night movie with ambient lighting and are looking to set the mood, why not consider LED lighting in your bedroom by your TV? Using LED lighting for TV with bluetooth at the back of the LED screen creates a dreamy mood to enjoy a movie with a click of a button!


Image source: Unsplash

4. Highlight Wall Hanging

Your beautiful wall hanging must not be ignored at night. You can highlight a wall mirror, your picture frames, or a beautiful painting by adding an LED light strip at the back.

These strips are available in variable color temperatures and brightness levels. You can select any color you want to add to your wall. Also you can get color changing lights with remote controllers to enhance the beauty and select the right color according to the mood.


Image source: Etsy

5. Self-adhesive lighting for your ceiling

Another good idea to decorate your room with the bright light strips is to add them on your ceiling. Whether you have a false ceiling or not, you can add them at the corners. These lights are self-adhesive and are easy to install. Just cut the strip according to the length required, pull off the backing, and stick it.


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6. LED flush lighting for your bedroom

LED Flush Lighting for your bedroom

Leaf shape LED flush light on Amazon

Looking to create a statement in your bedroom with LED lighting? Opt for flush lighting with LED, which will give your light feature a bright white glow and will be a focal point above your bed. There ar various designs on the market, but we love this Leaf shape LED flush light which adds curves and organic shapes to your space, which will work well in neutral spaces.

Will you be adding LED lighting in your bedroom?

So, giving a new look to your bedroom is not always a difficult task. By adding these cost-effective and long lasting light strips you can create a new look in a very short time.

So, what are you waiting for, go and get the LED light strips right now and illuminate the areas you want to highlight in your bedroom.

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