Best beds for couples with a small bedroom

Small bedrooms can be difficult to style, especially for couples looking for storage in a tiny space. We’ve compiled our best list of Beds that you can buy for a minimalist look and maximum function, to keep all your bedroom belongings hidden away. What’s more, our top Beds for couples offer plenty of trendy design elements for modern living, whether it’s city chic or countryside essence.

Urban chic bedroom with hidden bookcase


Image source Wayfair

Simplicity is key when choosing a bed for a small bedroom and if you and your partner both have a lot of storage combined, the Roma’s bedroom set is ideal. Designed for chic city living spaces, this stylish and modern bed has numerous storage compartments for all kinds of bedroom clutter. From books to clothes and throws. What’s more, this bed comes with 2 bedside tables to match.

Simple and stylish bed with extra space for storage

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Image source Get Laid Beds

Beds should be practical and stylish for a small bedroom. Choose a design that is clever to make your bedroom functional, like this space-clever bed frame that is a good enough height to store under your bed. Also, the nifty built in bedside tables save on room on your sides to provide you with floating panels for your accessories. 

Japanese style bed for ample storage


Image source Get Laid Beds

Japanese style furniture is designed to save on space, offer simplicity and be innovative, therefore we had to include this sleek shinshitsu bed into our top list of beds for couples with a small bedroom. The minimal design and orientalist influence will suit any interior style to make your own. 

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Elegant crushed velvet bed for sophisticated style


Image source Bed World

Elegant bedroom interiors with a delicate colour scheme allow the space to feel warm and inviting, even in small bedrooms. If you’re searching for a glamorous bed, opt for a low bed frame with upholstered headboard to make your walls appear bigger while adding soft decor to your space. 

Hidden storage bed


Image source Divan Bed Warehouse

Couples looking to create a neutral look in the bedroom can utilise grey colour schemes. Not only is grey neutralising but it will add a sense of calm and relaxation to your small bedroom. Light grey is a wonderful colour to make your area look spacious when matched with reflective furnishings and white walls.

Bed with large headboard


Image source Comfy Sleep Home

Small bedrooms shouldn’t mean downsizing on a show stopping bed. As your bed is the focal point in the room, it’s good to feature a design that draws your attention to. So that the space becomes less about the floor area and more about the design elements. A bed with a high headboard like this Nina Wingback Bed gives focus to the wall and adds depth and a luxurious style without over bearing the space. 

Low bed to save on space


Image source Get Laid Beds

For optimum space in a small bedroom, couples can choose bed frames that are on the floor for a loft style bedroom. Perfect for minimal bedrooms without much furnishings, this low loft bed is perfect for tiny spaces – from box rooms to attic spaces. Style up this bed frame with a matching side table and luxury bedding to keep the look fresh and chic.

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