How to bring nature into your home decor: 9 ways to bring the outdoors inside

Are you looking for a way to refresh your home decor? Why not bring the great outdoors inside? Incorporating natural elements into your home is a great way to create a serene and inviting atmosphere. 

Here are some ideas to help you get started.

  1. Add a touch of hygee to your space for a soft and natural home style

Bringing elements of nature into a living room can have a calming effect and create a cozy, inviting atmosphere that promotes relaxation and well-being. Incorporating natural materials like wood, plants, and stones, as well as soft lighting and comfortable seating, can help create a hygge-inspired space that encourages moments of peaceful contemplation and connection with nature.

how to bring the outdoors inside a home - hygee interior style

Image by @our1925home uses elements of hygge such as candles, soft textiles, natural lighting and warm woods to make the living room feel close to nature.

2. Use neutral colours in your hallway to create a ‘natural’ flow to your other rooms

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Neutral hallways provide a clean and calming canvas for natural elements to stand out. This allows for the use of natural materials, plants, and other nature-inspired decor to shine and create a cohesive flow throughout the home.


Image by @high_street_house_ uses a neutral colour scheme throughout the hallway with layers of creams. Little details like plants and wooden decor complete the look to bring outdoor textures into the home. 

3. Infuse green and wood accents into your kitchen for a natural look

Green kitchens are a great way to incorporate nature into the home, this colour is often associated with nature and the outdoors. Through the use of green cabinetry, backsplash tiles, or even a statement green appliance, you can bring a fresh and natural feel to the heart of the home.


4. Paint your kitchen cupboards sage green to bring the colour of nature into your kitchen

Sage green kitchen cupboards are a great way to bring nature into the home as green is associated with nature and the outdoors. This soft shade of green adds a subtle and calming touch of nature to the heart of the home, creating a relaxing and inviting atmosphere.


Image by @shipponbarn uses a minimalist colour scheme of sage green and white to allow the feel of nature to come into the space in an elegant way. We love to pop of colours added to the kitchen, from the flowers to the patterned accessories that remind us of flower fields in the summer. 

5. Where possible, use natural light to come into your home

Natural light is an essential element in bringing nature into the home as it illuminates natural materials and colours, creating a connection to the outdoors. It also has a positive impact on our mood and wellbeing, allowing us to feel energized and refreshed in our living spaces.


Image by @the_berkshire_bungalow allows for plenty of light to sweep in on the beautiful and modern dining space. Adding extra windows such as a skylight, or increasing the height and width of your existing windows is a great way to make sure your room gets plenty of daylight. We love this dining space that cleverly uses mirrors to enhance the light in the space even more! 

6. For a natural and organic look to your home opt for wooden furnishings 

Wooden furniture is a great way to bring nature into the home as it provides a natural and organic element that adds warmth and texture to any space. Additionally, it can be crafted in a variety of finishes and styles to suit any decor, from modern to rustic.


Image by @thewhitehoneyhome uses a variety of wood-textured furniture and decor to colour the dining space with this natural element. We love the chunky wooden table with mix-and-match chairs to bring the look together. Furthermore, the hanging light feature and wall art complete the look to make the white walls feel warm.

7. Connect with the outdoors with a brick feature wall to add character to your home

A brick feature wall is a great way to bring nature into the home as it provides a raw and natural texture that adds depth and character to any room. Additionally, it can create a connection to the outdoors by mimicking the look of a natural stone or earthen structure.


Image by @barn_number_six features a floor-to-ceiling brick feature wall to separate the dining and living areas in a unique and natural way. Furthermore, the alcove detailing adds more character to the space and allows for decorating with minute plants to make the space feel closer to nature. 

8. Use white as your primary colour to make your home feel clean and fresh

White is a great colour to bring nature into the home as it provides a clean and fresh canvas that allows natural elements, like plants and natural materials, to stand out. Additionally, it reflects natural light, creating a bright and airy atmosphere that enhances the beauty of the outdoors.

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Image by @farleysnest uses white furniture against white walls for a fresh and clean-looking home. We love the different textures that are used, such as the rustic paint finish on the mirror and matching ladder shelf to bring a sense of the raw outdoors into the space. Furthermore, adding flowers and textiles to the space warms up the white interiors beautifully. 

9. Bring the outdoors in with open-plan living for more natural light and a flow of design 

An open-plan layout is a great way to bring nature into the home as it creates a seamless flow between indoor and outdoor spaces. By removing walls and barriers, natural light can flood the home and create a connection to the outdoors, while also allowing for the use of natural materials and elements throughout the entire living area.


10. Stick to a light colour theme to bring nature into your bathroom

Light-coloured bathrooms are a great way to bring nature into the home as they provide a clean and calming backdrop that allows natural elements, like plants and natural materials, to stand out. Additionally, light-colored bathrooms reflect natural light, creating a bright and airy atmosphere that enhances the beauty of the outdoors.


Image by @house_of_logan uses a light colour scheme and wood accents to bring a sense of nature into the bathroom space. We love the little details that bring the look together, such as the wood shelving with hanging plants and chunky woven planters that add texture to the space.

11. Bring the colours of the coast into your home for a fresh feel

Incorporating coastal interiors into your home is an excellent way to infuse natural beauty and tranquility into your living space. The soft, muted tones, organic textures, and marine-inspired elements of coastal decor create a soothing and refreshing ambiance that can enhance your well-being and uplift your mood.

ways to bring nature into your home - coastal living room ideas

Image by @donnaelledesign uses blue furnishings with wood decor and beige rugs to create a coastal theme. The white walls and ceiling is brought to life through colour and texture of the decor which adds lots of depth and contrast that brings to life the beach vibe aesthetic.

12. Add texture to your bathroom

The bathroom is one of the top rooms in the home that should make you feel close to nature. If you’re thinking of ways on how to add the outdoors into your bathroom, think about the colour scheme and materials that you use to bring in those elements of nature.

how to bring nature into your home - add texture in your bathroom

Image by @my.cup.of.countryside uses textures flooring and tiling to create a peaceful bathroom design. We love the gentle colour scheme from the grey tiles that are textured like stone, to the grained wood effect flooring that gives the space an edgy finish. Furthermore, the statement tub is the perfect bathroom feature to enjoy after a long day.

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