13 Clever Bedroom Storage Ideas To Maximise Your Space

Make a big impact on your small bedroom with these clever storage solutions

Having a small bedroom means being more savvy about the space you utilise. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place, as we’ve got lots of tips to help you make the most of your space with our small bedroom ideas that will inspire you to be creative when decorating your bedroom. 

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1. Bedroom storage idea: Utilise a bookshelf

small bedroom storage idea
Clever way to use shelving units to maximise space. Image by Fasolkowo on Instagram

Be clever when it comes to your storage in your small bedroom, you want to choose furniture that will be as functional as possible without taking up too much room. 

We love this idea of using bookshelves as a storage solution for the bottom of the bed where there is unused space. The great thing about the shelving is that you can fit more than a book-wide object inside so you can be really flexible in how you use the shelving. So our top tip would be to use a shelving unit that has a good depth and width between the shelves to fit any excess bedroom storage you need to fill it with.

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Get a similar look with this geometric bookshelf that will add visual interest to your space

white bedroom book shelf storage idea for bedroom

2. Bedroom storage idea: Save floor space with floating shelves

small bedroom storage idea
Floating reading nook to maximise on space. Image by Bumble_bee_cottage on Instagram

Having your favourite things in an easy-to-reach place in your bedroom can make all the difference to how you interact with your room. If you’re a bookworm and you can’t resist having a place to put all your best books in your bedroom, then take note of this cozy bookshelf idea. 

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We love that even in a small space, the floating book shelf makes the space feel like a cozy reading nook without imposing on floor space. It also adds to the room’s cottage aesthetic with dark wood tones that complement the rest of the interiors.

Get a similar look with this multi-compartment wall shelf unit for a modern look to your bedroom

floating shelving unit storage for a small bedroom

3. Bedroom storage ideas for your clothing

One of the most common concerns of a small bedroom is finding efficient ways to store clothing without sacrificing style and functionality.

In small bedrooms, every inch of space counts. Consider installing wall-mounted shelves, cubbies, or a vertical clothing rack to embrace vertical space. These solutions not only maximize your storage but also add a decorative element to your room. Customized closet systems can transform a cramped closet into a well-organized storage haven.

vertical clothing rack small bedroom storage ideas

Utilise double-hanging rods, pull-out drawers, and adjustable shelving to make the most of your closet’s capacity. This tailored approach ensures every inch is utilized efficiently. Additionally, multi-functional furniture, like storage ottomans and beds with built-in drawers, can be a game-changer for small spaces, offering ample space for linens or off-season clothing.

bedroom storage ottom for clothing and bedsheets

Before implementing any storage solutions, take the time to declutter your clothing collection and use bins, baskets, and labelled containers to keep everything organised and easily accessible. Don’t overlook the back of your closet doors and the corners of your room—over-the-door organizers and corner shelves can effectively utilise these tight spaces. Lastly, if you have a knack for fashion, consider open shelving or a clothing rack as a design feature, showcasing your most stylish pieces as part of your room’s decor.

4. bedroom storage idea: Use storage units for maximum storage

small bedroom storage idea
Smart and stylish room layout for a small bedroom for maximum floor space. Image by Flowers_home_bea on Instagram

If you’ve got a small bedroom with no space for a bedside table, consider extending storage across one side of your bedroom to make the most of the space. We love this simple bedroom design where the bed is pushed up against the wall to create extra floor space for furnishings. 

Combine your storage with functional space, such as a chest of drawers and desk space that can double up as a WFH office and a get-ready parlour while keeping your clothes and bedroom items neatly tucked away.

5. Bedroom storage ideas: Add floating shelves above the bed for extra storage

small bedroom storage idea
Make your space stylish with floating shelves above your bed. Image by Home.thirtyfour on Instagram

Small bedrooms with limited floor space need clever storage solutions such as floating shelves to store necessities so that they are within easy reach. Having over-the-bed shelving is a great way to style your bed too, it will feel like you are using less space as the shelving serves as a functional and stylish way to decorate. Small bedrooms without bulky furnishings can make small bedrooms look spacious! 

6. Bedroom storage ideas: Use alcove shelving

Add function and style to an alcove to maximise space with floating shelves. Image by Littlebristolterrace on Instagram

Bedrooms with alcoves and unique wall layouts can benefit from using floating shelves to create extra storage. As the shelving sits within the alcove, it won’t feel as imposing and will look neat and tucked away.

We love this modern small bedroom design that uses wood floating shelving to match the neutral decor for a relaxing ambience. Furthermore, we love how the shelving is only on the top half of the wall for a clutter-free look. 

floating shelves bedroom storage ideas

7. Bedroom storage ideas: Zone your room with a tall bookshelf

If you’ve got a small bedroom but have the issue of storage, why not consider investing in a tall bookshelf? It’s also a great way to separate the room if positioned right, which gives off the illusion of more space, just like this one from Wayfair


8. Bedroom storage ideas: Get an ottoman bed for hidden storage

Choosing a good bed for a small bedroom is not only setting the tone for the rest of your room, but it can serve as additional storage so that you have a place for the things that you don’t want on show. This 4 drawer storage bed from Happy Beds is ideal for small spaces to hide clothes, books, makeup and any other bedroom items you can think of. 


9. Bedroom storage ideas: Save floor space with a floating bedside table

For small bedrooms where the bed takes up most of the space, a floating bedside table is the ideal solution. This floating bedside table from Not On The High Street even has a built-in shelf for extra storage. The beauty of a floating bedside table is that you can position it as low or as high as you want depending on your bed. We love this small bedroom idea for studio apartments and super small spaces. 


I found it on Amazon… get a similar look below!

floating bedside table for a small bedroom

10. Bedroom storage ideas: No wardrobe? Use a clothing rack

Clothing racks can be really useful if you don’t own many clothes, or if most of your clothes are in a chest of drawers. When styled right, it can be an aesthetically pleasing piece of decor for your bedroom. 

Image source: Amazon

storage forsmall bedrooms

11. Bedroom storage ideas: Headboard with storage

It’s important for small bedrooms to not feel cluttered and the best way to do this is to minimise having too much furniture in the room. A great way for a minimal look with maximum storage is to buy a headboard with built-in storage. There are a lot of storage headboards on the market, including this wooden bedroom with shelves. It has storage solutions on the side and front of the headboard so that you can utilise the space to suit your style. 

12. Bedroom storage ideas: Add an ottoman at the end of your bed

If you have extra space at the foot of your bed and you want to fill it with additional seating, why not consider an ottoman? They offer plenty of storage for quilts, blankets and pillows. If you have difficulty in finding space to store extra bedding, this is perfect. Plus, it looks glamorous if you opt for a velvet-styled one. 

Image source: Etsy

storage forsmall bedrooms

13. Bedroom storage ideas: Cube Shelves for extra storage

No room for a bookshelf? No worries… Cube shelves are a win-win storage solution for small bedrooms. Not only do they offer multiple storage options inside the cube and on top, but when styled right they can look really stylish. Use art and plants to mix in with your items to create an inspiring space in your room. 

Image source: B&Q

storage for small bedrooms

Bedroom Storage Ideas for Small Bedrooms – FAQs

Where do you put a bed in a small bedroom? 

Placing the bed up against the wall further away from the door creates the illusion that the room is much more significant. This is because the eye will draw in on the immediate space when entering the room instead of focusing on the bed. It also allows you to play around with rugs and other furniture that may not have fit in the room if the bed was centrally placed. 

How do you make a small bedroom look nice?

Everyone has a different style but when it comes to small spaces you have to think more cleverly about the space you’re styling. Opt for simple coloured walls like grey and white to brighten up your space and don’t clutter your room with bulky dressers and drawers if you can, get floating nightstands and arrange shelves in a way to bring style to your walls which will minimise furniture. 

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