Benefits of tea tree oil and how to incorporate it into your home

Tea tree oil is an essential oil, also known as melaleuca oil and it comes from the Melaleuca alternifolia plant, which is native to Australia, but these days it is grown globally. Tea tree is used for medicine and cosmetics as well as household products because of its health benefits including antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties. Meaning that you can use tea tree remedies for acne, head lice, dermatitis and athlete’s foot.


Is tea tree oil dangerous for cats and dogs?

Below we have compiled some useful home remedies to incorporate the use of tea tree in your home, however, please bear in mind that tea tree oil is dangerous for cats and dogs and shouldn’t be used on your pet or where you pet may interact with.

All purpose cleaner around your home

Tea tree oil can be used as an all purpose cleaner around the home, from cleaning floors to surfaces (be careful on marble or granite). Simply mix water, vinegar and tea tree oil together to create a simple, non-toxic cleaner.

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Tea Tree scent around the home

Tea tree oil has a very defined smell when used as an essential oil, and if you love the smell why not purify the air with the scent of tea tree? If you have a diffuser, simply add a few drops of the essential oil and let your diffuser do the rest.


Naturally clean your clothes

As an antifungal and antibacterial essential oil, tea tree can become part of your washing regime when it comes to putting a load in the washer. Simply add a teaspoon into the wash and if preferred, you can add another essential oil to make it smell to your desired scent.


Tea tree hand sanitizer

With antibacterial properties, tea tree oil can kill common cold bacteria as well as viruses including E. coli. This means that you can use tea tree oil as a natural hand sanitiser.

Banish mould with tea tree oil

Mix tea tree oil into a spritzer bottle with some water and you now have a mould repellent! Simply spray areas in your home that often target mould and the areas should be less affected. This is a great alternative to nasty mould sprays that are often toxic and have strong smells.

Tea tree for insect repellent

If you’ve got a case of pesky ants in your garden, tea tree oil may solve some of your issues. It has been tested that using tea tree oil on the affected area shows to prevent the amount of ants than when the area is not treated. Furthermore, this same method is also tested with mosquitos, so when shopping for your holiday beauty products, be sure to include tea tree oil or products with the tea tree ingredient into your suitcase. 

Tea tree for under your arms

The antibacterial properties of tea tree oil is beneficial to your body, including body odor. If you’re looking for a natural remedy for sweaty underarms, why not make your own deodorant using tea tree oil. A simple recipe to make your own tea tree deodorant is to mix baking soda and cornstarch together and then in a separate bowl mix liquid coconut oil and tea tree together, then combine the oil and powders to create your simple homemade tea tree deodorant.

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