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Things to Consider When Thinking About a Garage Conversion

So do you want to convert your garage into a living space or bedroom? Well! That’s a complicated question. Such conversion can be an attractive option, especially when you are living in a crowded space. However, there are multiple aspects which you need to think about before garage conversion. In this blog, we will discuss all such elements you must consider before beginning any work.

What is the cost of garage conversion?

Experts say a garage conversion can cost £10,000 – £20,000 or more, as you need to invest a lot in plumbing and electrical work. Plumbing can be a significant expense for you based on how you want to utilize your garage. For example, if you want to convert your garage into a livable space where you can use the bathroom, shower and cook, the cost will be around £806- £2,000.

Most of the garages already have some electrical wiring, but you certainly need to upgrade it. It would be best if you also change your garage door, for which you may need the help of a garage door installer to do the work professionally. It will raise the cost.

Does garage conversion add value?

Many experts believe such conversion is not always a good idea, but this isn’t always the case. Again, it depends on the place you live. However, if you want to sell your home within 3-5 years, then never go with a garage conversion, as it will downgrade your house’s value. Also, if you live in a snowy area, you must make a proper space for your car storage before conversion. 

Do most of your neighbours have garages? If yes, then garage is in high demand in your area, which will affect your home’s resale value.

Car, equipment and tool storage

Before transforming your garage, think about where you can store your car and tools. One option is to build a carport if you live in an area where a carport can provide enough protection for your vehicle. Otherwise, you need to search for another location. You can build a small shed for your tools and equipment or keep them in the basement.

Permits and Laws

You should know the local rules and regulations for converting your garage into another space. In addition, you may need a build permit, costing you around £200-£800. Besides the license, as you are adding more square feet to your home, you will end up paying more property tax, and you must consider this expense, especially if you live in an area where property tax is high.

Look for another alternative.

You can also look for another alternative; for instance, you can build an additional room in your existing home. It can be a better option as you know the final product will be structurally sound. Another option is garage expansion. You can build a room above your garage, as it will also increase your resale value. While you will need the same type of permit for such an extension, getting approval will become easy as many municipalities are OK with such expansions. But the downside is such an alternative option is more expensive than garage conversion.

Garage conversion is a brilliant idea

If you live in a cold climate, it is always better to have an extra room built over the garage. You can make that extra room per your customized needs without disturbing your car parking area. In addition, that will protect your car from snow. 

If you live in a warm climate, you can think about garage conversion, as it will be a brilliant idea. You don’t have to worry about frost heave and thermal barriers in such an area. You can also contact Essex garage doors to give a better look to your garage door. 

Ultimately both options can create additional space in your house.

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