10 things you can do in lockdown to improve your home

Your home is your abode to enjoy after a long day at work and to relax at the weekends. However, now we are in lockdown and the majority of us are working from home, shutting off can be hard to do when you’re seeing the same rooms each day. 

That’s why we’ve made a list of things you can do around the home that will organise and refresh your rooms without having to completely change your space. See our tips below. 

Declutter your wardrobe

Your wardrobe is seasonal, so what better way than to spend lockdown clearing out any clothes that are not practical in the winter by using vacuum package bags like these ones from Dunelm to store summer and spring clothes?


Decluttering your wardrobe is also a great way to make money by selling your clothes on eBay or Facebook. Just make sure you really want to part with them before doing so. That way you can make space in your wardrobe to colour coordinate and organise your clothes for when lockdown eases.

Decluttering your wardrobe is also a great way to make money by selling your clothes on eBay or Facebook.

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Insulate around your home for winter

Being in lockdown with your family or friends can be tough when you like the idea of some peace and quiet. Thanks to Wickes door seal, not only can you yep in the heat to save on your heating bill, but it reduces noise up to 69% too! This door seal requires no tools and is easily cut to size and adhesive, so you can get to work around all the doors in your home!


Besides taping up your door frames, you can also buy draught excluders to add character to your home in the winter just like these pretty dog and cat draught excluders from Cotton Traders.


Clean your windows

Lockdown during the dark nights and cold days can feel daunting, especially with less sunny days in sight. Making sure all your windows are sparkling clean will allow the sunlight to come through and will make your room look fresh and spacious. Try not to clutter your windowsill so that the light can seep through. Here’s some great homemade window cleaning tips.

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Sort out your pantry

Rather than bulk buying in this lockdown, a great way to keep on top of your food supply is to get an orderly food system going. Clear containers with labels not only look decorative when storing your pasta, rice, cereals and other longevity foods, but you’ll be able to keep a tab when something is running low. We love these airtight food storage containers in various sizes to keep your food well kept through lockdown.


Clean your carpets

There’s nothing more satisfying than a brand new carpet to make a room look sparkling. However, with lockdown looming we know that not everyone has the budget to get a professional carpet cleaning service to spruce up your floors (or a brand new carpet for that matter). So we’ve found some tips at First For Women on how to DIY a professional carpet clean using your vacuum and household products here.


Fix your walls with paint

After a while your freshly painted walls become a breeding ground for everyday dust and dirt, so it’s always a good idea to repaint your walls to keep them looking vibrant and clean. Especially if you have white or light coloured walls as fingerprints and marks can easily been seen.

Clean your upholstery

Just like your walls, your sofa and chairs accumulate dirt and marks over time. So now lockdown is here, why not take a day out to give your fabric sofa and armchairs a thorough clean? This upholstery cleaner and care kit from John Lewis is affordable and an all-in one solution.


Adorn your home with plants for your health

Plants are a great way to style your home as well as offer wonderful health benefits to your environment. As you’ll be spending more time at home due to lockdown 2.0 you will breathe in more substances in the home than usual. Plastic, heating and other elements in the home all contribute to air pollution, so adding a few plants to your rooms will help clear the air without having to open your windows as much. Read our blog all about the best indoor plants for your home.

Plants are a great way to style your home as well as offer wonderful health benefits to your environment.


Brighten up your work from home office (again)

Whether you’ve been sent home again to your makeshift home office, or you’ve been working from home for most of the year, our list of cute desktop accessories for your WFH space will brighten up those gloomy winter mornings and during your Zoom calls!


Make your room feel brand new with an accent wall

Gone are the days of pasting wallpaper onto your walls, only to find annoying bubbles or excessive paste dripping out of the sides. Thanks to modern technology and innovative interior design, you can now apply peel-on wallpaper instantly without the need of those bulky pasting tables. We’ve compiled a list of beautiful peel-on wallpapers for accent walls, which you can easily do in lockdown to make your room pop with personality.

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